Response to Parisindy's challenge: Harper + Suffocating/ Difficulty Breathing

Harper wiggled up to the bar between trance and beka. "So ladies, what will it be tonight"


"is the man, looking for a little piece of..."


Dylan interupted from a side table giving harper a warning glace. Harper swagered over shugging his shoulders and giving his classic 'what did I do' smile. Dylan delivered back a half smile and motioned the engineer over.

Hoping down next to the two guys, Dylan handed harper a glass. Without a second thought Harper took a hugh gulp and swallowed only to spit the liquid back up in a coughing fit. Gasping for air around the burning liquid harper felt tears coming to his eyes. He continued his method of coughing out the booze only to inhale bring all the liquid back down his windpipe in with his next breath.

He could hear that Dylan was yelling at him, and his voice was joined with a chorus of Rhade and Beka's. Finally the alcohol cleared and he took in some deep, alcohol free breaths.

"Seamus you ok," Dlyan asked

"Fine boss, what was that stuff?"

"Fruit punch"

by Lauriena

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