Title: Change (Drabble)

Author: SparkyCola

Summary: Why bad things happen to good people.

Rated PG

Genre: Random, kinda angsty

Disclaimer- characters not mine

AN- sorry for a) randomness, and b) difficulty of following this, just a hint- it's all dialogue except for the last line which is thought (Harper).


Iím sorry Harper, I really am. One of the great questions of the universe is Ďwhy do bad things happen to good people?í

Brendan was special. He didnít deserve this.

I wasnít talking about Brendan, Harper.

Yeah, well, Iím not a good person so I guess it doesnít matter.

Youíre wrong Harper, you have a good heart.

You wouldnít be saying that if youíd known me on Earth.

Yes I would. Earth is in the past now, you did what you had to, to stay alive. All I can judge you on is what Iíve seen, if you

But you wouldnít have done the things I did.

In your position? I donít know what Iíd have done.

Look letís cut the crap we both know Iím not Rev or Trance or some heaven-sent angel. Iím a dirty low-down engineer with dirty low-down morals. Thatís all there is too it.

Youíre too hard on yourself. There is more to you than your past.

Your past defines you.

But you can change.

Only so much, now if you wouldÖIíd kinda like to be alone right now.

You know where to find me, if you ever need to talk Harper.

Dylan left. Brendan was dead. Harper was Harper. You can only change so much.


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