Welcome to John Crichton Angst Fanfiction. I am Krazy your loyal, yet completely unsure host for all good Crichton angst. You need to bear with me, as I have only just started looking at this fandom, and theres SO much angst. You should be proud of yourselves. It's brilliant- specially for an angst addict like me. *grins*.
Anyway, this archive can only work with your help. So if you have a good angst, or know of a good angst then e-mail us, if it's yours send the url or the story, spoilers, title, diclaimer etc. If it's not yours then just the url will do.

Just as a point, there will be quite a lot of romance in these, as I can only seem to find angsty romance. But then I did say that I will accept romance that is included in the series (but you can still try me with other pairings) so it's OK.

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Between The Worlds-Aeryn and Zhaan help Crichton recover from his ordeal in the Aurora Chair.

One Good DayPost-"Crichton Kicks":No Moya, No Aeryn, No Hope. With nothing left to lose Crichton takes a leap of faith -- and finds something he never expected. (Revised and edited)

But A FragmentSpoilers through Terra Firma
Epilogue- Different DestinationsAfter the credits roll
Fool's ParadiseSpoilers through COD
Image in a MirrorUp through I Shrink Therefore I Am
It's Not EasyThe changes in the crew from Premier to now written in different POV's
One More ThingSpoilers for season 4 up through WWL part 1
QuondamUp through La Bomba
Ripples In TimeSpoilers through UR - No summary, it would give the story away. Please R/R
The PriceSpoilers through WWL Part 2 *Final Chapter*
TwoFoldSomewhat of an epilogue for Dog With Two Bones Please R/R
When You Least Expect ItPost Fractures
When You Least Expect It 2. Through Fractures *Updated Chapter 16 Complete

Guilty In the Mind A distraught Crichton returns to the ship saying that he accidentally did something horrible. But things are not always as they seem...

Behind the Veil Angsty Ficlet to tide you over while you wait
I Dare, Musings after Katratzi- After the episode Katratzi
In Tomorrow I see no Promise and Yesterday was like TodayAngsty Ficlet to tide you over while you wait

LadyDragonFlyz (Catherine Bruce)
Descent-Descending into insanity is never fun.
To Die In Your Arms- What does John see in Icarus Abides?

OneEye the DRD
No-one gets left behind-John gets bad news and faces a hard choice.
Perish Twice-John left his friends to spare them pain, but things rarely go entirely according to plan.

Bronze - John demands more than Harvey is willing to give, but at what cost to himself?
She's Not There - A.U. post-fractures. After a miraculous escape from Scorpius' Command Carrier, John suffers a devastating loss.

A Human In Need-Post season four, John finds a package in his and Aeryn's quarters, just before he learns that Aeryn has been in an accident...
Left Behind-This is a work in progress. John Crichton and Chiana have been left on the dying Leviathan Rohvu. Kaarvok has been defeated, but that's only their first step toward survival...

This section of the site is still in it's *very* early days. But keep visiting and I hope to have more fics soon.

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