Unknown Experiment- Strange Consequences. by Wild Annuette

Unknown Experiment : Strange consequences

By wildannuette

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Part one :

As Daniel stepped out of the stargate an intense heat hit causing him to cough and double over ,Teal'c steadied him and helped him into a small grey building opposite them, Daniel stared at him "Teal'c , where are Sam and Jack?" he asked .Teal'c stared at him impassively "I am unsure Daniel Jackson, they exited before we did and yet the are not here,I do not know what could have happened."

"Maybe they were transported somewhere" Daniel mused ,he sighed heavily "What do you think we should do?I mean its way to hot to go outside but they might be out there."

Teal'c stood up , his whole body tensed "I will search outside for Major Carter and Colonel O'neill, the lava within my womb protects me from the heat" he paused "you must remain here ,the heat is too intense for you." Daniel sat up with a protest "But I'm not just going to sit here twiddling my thumbs while you go and search for them.I mean is there nothing I can do?" he pleaded .

Teal'c looked at him and his expression softened very slightly as he saw the young archaeologist was very worried; he had often heard Colonel O'neil refer to Daniel Jackson's `puppy dog eyes' and had been told many times by him and Captain Carter that they both had on many occasions had to resist from patting the young man on the head. He considered the best course of action to keep Daniel out of trouble, eventually coming to the conclusion that the building they were in was the safest place possible "See if you can find anything in this room to explain what has happened." He said opening the front door and stepping through it into the boiling heat .

Daniel stared at the door as it shut behind Teal'c and rolled his eyes in annoyance "oh" he muttered to himself "An empty room in an empty building, I'm guessing, oh well might as well take a look around." Daniel began systematically searching each of the four walled , no windowed rooms which contained absolutely nothing , no chairs no tables no pictures and more importantly no people .After searching 2 floors of nearly 30 prison-like rooms he decided that Teal'c must have returned , after all he'd been gone for what seamed like hours ; he began walking back toward the stairs toward the ground floor however once he reached them he saw that instead of going down they led to the next floor up

.Daniel frowned "I swear these stairs were the ones I came up ,oh well" he sighed "back the other way" he began to walk back along the corridor to the other end , he reached the stair well and was about to climb down when he noticed yet again the stairs led to the next floor , feeling very confused he slowly began to climb them .

As he turned the corner of the stairs he saw that at the top there was a single almost-transparent door. He quickly climbed the last few steps and in almost wonderment he slowly reached out to take hold of the small handle set in the middle of the door .As he touched the handle blue/white fire shot up his arm and an enormous chill pulsed through him , he opened his mouth to scream as darkness washed over him.

Part two:

Cold he was cold , that was the first thing Daniel noticed as his mind began to wake up , he opened his eyes to a blurry unfamiliar sight. His glasses were gone he noticed in fact, as he stared down in shock his vision cleared and he realized the reason he was so cold was because he was lying on his back , strapped to some kind of metal table and he was naked except for…his mind went numb as he realized that not only was he tied down by metal staples but a thick black cable was inserted into his stomach and was pulsing steadily , he tried to yell for help but choked on a thick plastic substance which was lodged in his mouth. Daniel fought to keep his breathing steady `don't pass out ,don't pass out' he repeated over and over in his mind as his body trembled.

Although there was no pain all Daniel could focus on was the black cable , he began to whimper trying to bite his tongue as he realized that someone was doing this too him and no one would be able to help him.

Suddenly his body violently contacted and a spasm ran down his spine as the cable began to work its way out , tears ran down his cheeks as his body bucked and twisted of its own accord , waves of pain washed over him and he tasted blood as he bit through the plastic gag , his mind began to flashback to earlier memories as his vision began to dim /opening the stargate/ being given shaare as a present/ falling in love with her/ having her stolen from him ; joining sg-1 /Teal'c joining their side/ becoming close friends with all of them /Jack/Sam/Teal'c/Jack/nearly killing jack when he was addicted to the sarcophagus/Sam being possessed by the Tokra, Joliner / being attacked by ammonet and Teal'c killing her to save him.

His body became numb and the pain stopped , as his vision cleared Daniel could make out a figure in what looked like Doctors scrubs bending over his stomach as he tried to sit up he felt a cool hand on his brow and a soft voice whispered "hush young one" as he slipped into a peaceful sleep he heard a harsher voice exclaim "He was supposed to be unconscious you know the rule , specimens must not remember…"

Part 3

"Daniel , Daniel, DANIEL!" Colonel Jack O'Neill shook his friend trying to wake him up ,Captain Sam Carter was mopping Daniel's brow as the young man moaned and trembled ,Teal'c who was restraining him interrupted "Colonel O'Neill I believe we should get him back to the stargate I do not think that this planet is what it seems." Sam looked up her eyes filled with worry "I think his fevers breaking but ," she said in confusion "what could of happened to him ? We were only apart for a few hours."

"I know ,I know" jack yelled "but it doesn't it seem just a tad strange that for those 3 hours no matter what we did ,no matter how much we searched this building ,even this room we couldn't find him and then BAM suddenly we walk past it for what the third time and we see him in it! Not to mention the fact that we were running around in circles looking for each other for a lot of the time!" he paused breathing heavily looking down at Daniel's pale face , Teal'c put his hand on Jacks arm and stated "Daniel Jackson's fever will break soon and we will find out what happened nothing else can be done until that time; there is no reason to become agitated Colonel O'Neill." As both men stared at each other communicating silently ,Jacks face angry and frustrated ,Teal'cs seemingly impassive but his eyes conveying his worry, Sam let out a cry "Sir he's coming too!".

All three bent over Daniel as his eyes slowly flicked and then opened as he focused carefully he could see the faces of his three very happy friends "hi guys" he croaked his throat thick he began coughing and spitting out mucus .Jack helped him to sit up "so.." he said "We're the first things you see and you nearly throw up?" he drawled and Sam gave him a look she usually saved for the young flirtatious airmen

At the SGC ."How do you feel Daniel?" she asked concern lacing her voice "What happened?"

"I don't know." stammered Daniel and he launched into a long explanation of what happened after Teal'c left him when he got to the third floor room he noticed the others were all giving him strange looks . "What?" he asked "Daniel" Sam said slowly, "Daniel" jack started and then paused.

" What?" said Daniel seeing unease written on their faces, he turned to Teal'c "What's going on?" . To which Teal'c replied with no obvious trouble but a slight lift of his eyebrow "Your facts appear to be confused Daniel Jackson this building only consists of a ground floor there are no upper levels"

Daniel's mind began to whirl "but" he stammered "that's impossible."

"Ha!" Jack growled "this whole planet is impossible ,moving walls ,electrified floors, broken down houses oh and some way to transport people in an instant .When Carter and I got through we ended up in a totally different place and not only that," he paused for effect "this planets temperature goes up and down all the time first hot,cold ,fine cold." he motioned with his hand ; Catching Sam and Tealc's looks he stopped "okay, okay" he sighed "lets go to the stargate and get ole doc Fraiser to check us out ."

As sg-1 exited the building, Daniel looked back to see that the building they had been in did only have one story not three as he had believed ,hmm ,he wondered to himself `guess the heat must have made me pass out' he ran to catch up with the others as Sam dialed in Earth co-ordinates and they ran through the gate; if he had looked back once more he would have seen the building shimmer and disappear to be replaced by a transparent dome.

Part 4:

It has been many weeks since he had passed out on what was it? Daniel thought ah yes p31x34 or planet of the sadists as colonel O'neil called it .Although Janet had examined all of them she could find no apparent reason for what happened too him, he'd had blood tests ,amino acid analyses-the lot and yet nothing. Although she was obviously not too happy she couldn't solve the mystery Daniel was happy to let it go; he'd been amazed to find out that Jack and Sam had been stuck in some kind of maze with broken floors , electric passageways everything and when they stopped searching for a way out and sat down a door had appeared in front of them and Teal'c had been behind it ,he had no idea how he had got there. They then spent the rest of the time searching for him and had eventually coming across him sweating in a room they had search previously .Daniel took a bite of his strawberry poptart as he mulled the day over.

"Mind if I sit down" a familiar voice interjected and Jack sat at the table "Hey Daniel. Getting ready for the mission on p35x12?" he asked helping himself to some tea , "yuck!" he made a face "no coffee?" he asked Daniel with his eyebrow raised. Daniel blushed , everyone at the SGC knew what a coffee addict he was. "Couldn't face it" he admitted "for the last couple a days all I've wanted is poptarts. Want one?" he held the pack out to Jack , "no thanks." Jack said slowly and then focused on Daniel's right side "Roberts, can you pass me that coffee pot?" He asked . As the pot passed under Daniel nose and he smelt the thick roasted smell he felt nausea rise and bile filled his mouth as he threw up all over his poptarts.

Part 5:

"So, how are you feeling today Daniel?" Jack asked, trying to cover his worry with sarcasm "because you look like that weird bug thing we found on P221X3" he joked taking in his friend's appearance. Daniel looked like he'd been on a drinking binge which had lasted a good few weeks; his face was ashen and his hair was matted and plastered to his head with sweat, he still had a faint green tinge, obviously he'd been sick again, his eyes were dull and tired."Not so bad," Daniel lied trying to keep the fatigue out of his voice "just a little nausea."

Jack looked at him and a grim smile curved his lips *damn kid just doesn't want to admit he's ill, want to stay on active duty – not let us down, god-dammit * he thought, out loud however he proclaimed "Oh for Christ's sake Daniel any idiot can see you've been sick as a dog for the last three weeks." He mock glared at Daniel "and once we get back from the Tok'ra homeworld, I expect you to go to good ole Doc Fraiser and have a full- and I mean FULL examination! Ah!" he cried as Daniel tried to protest, "That's an order Daniel – Don't make me pull rank and have you escorted there now." He threatened. Daniel nodded reluctantly and the two of them made their way to the gate room.

As they walked through the huge metal door and made their way toward the ramp- they were accosted by Teal'c and Sam .Sam was anxiously pacing the floor, on seeing her two very late friends, she snapped "Just where have you two been we were scheduled to depart almost half an hour ago .The Tok'ra want to discuss the possibility of enhancing a naquada reactor as a permanent energy source – by combing it with various earth alloys! It took me 20 minutes just to print out my thesis on the idea!" she gasped as she struggled for air, sheepishly Jack and Daniel looked down at the floor. "Sorry Sam," Daniel muttered.

"Well now that YOUR leading us Major Carter .I'm sure our friends the Tok'ra will be delighted to see us" Jack sarcastically put in enjoying the embarrassed flush that rose in her face

"Sorry ,Sir."She muttered "its just." "Carter!" Jack interjected "I'm sorry, okay? Lets just dial out" looking towards the gate he saw Teal'c looming in front of him a most displeased look on his face, "Sorry, Teal'c" he addressed the Jaffa whose eyebrow had begun to raise "I" his entrance was lost as the 7th chevron engaged and the stargate opened – its white/blue wormhole shimmering invitingly "Lets go kids!" he shouted as SG-1 proceeded up the ramp and stepped through the one ride which always gave them a rush.

Part 6:

As soon as SG-1 exited the stargate they were transported by the Gh'ould rings into the familiar shiny grey room. Jack stared around the room uttering a soft whistle, "Wow kids, looks like the Tok'ra don't redecorate much." he commented. "Indeed." teal'c agreed, Sam looked around a little annoyed "Well, I guess their not happy we kept them waiting!" she pointed out.

"Okay carter." Jack sighed with resignation, he smiled wolfishly at Daniel "I don't suppose your excited about seeing Anise again?" he joked remembering the time he and Sam had been mistaken for zatarcs (whatever), the host part Frea had made a play for him and then admitted that her symbiote Anise preferred Daniel something he had relished repeating to the archaeologist *apparently the snake likes you*.

He snapped out of his daydream realising that Daniel hadn't answered him – he looked toward the young man and passed a hand in front of Daniels face, waving it, "Daniel, hello." he trilled then stopped noticing that Daniels eyes were unfocussed and that he was swaying slightly from side to side "Daniel!" He repeated more forcefully, silently sighing in relief as Daniels eyes came back into focus "Jack?" Daniel croaked, still feeling a little dizzy, if it hadn't been for Jacks tight grip on his shoulders he probably would have collapsed, he sought to control his `jelly legs'. He managed to stand up straight and gave Jack a weak smile as his legs trembled slightly beneath him.

"Are you alright, Daniel?" Sam asked her voice laced with concern as she gave him the once over – she knew he'd been ill recently but usually, even after his sarcophagus addiction, he'd been fine within a couple of weeks.

At that point two guards walked through the hole in the wall in front of them, they bowed deeply to the team and one addressed Sam in the deep undertones of the Tok'ra symbiote "Major Carter, Jorbest wishes you to join her in the labs to experiment on Naquada-tritium conversion, she has already begun and I believe that she would value your assistance greatly." He paused for breath "Doctor Jackson, Teal'c - your presence is requested by Selmac who is translating ancient scriptures found on – I believe you call it P241X1." He finished, by which time all three SG-1 members had departed to find their Tok'ra colleagues leaving Jack standing on his own staring at the guards, he stared for a very long time before venturing "Okay – I'll bite, why was my presence requested?"

The first guard turned to him "The Tok'ra Anise wishes you to accompany us to her chambers." He intoned and stalked off leaving the bemused Colonel no choice but to follow him "Swell – just peachy" Jack sighed.

Part 7:

Daniel and Teal'c slowly followed the Tok'ra guard down a long corridor which looked absolutely identical to all the other corridors they had just walked down, *wonder how they find their way* Daniel mused, glad his nausea was passing; he was however feeling decidedly uncomfortable, a little light headed and a bit tired, as he walked past one room he peeked inside *good job there's no doors* he thought and stopped suddenly, without warning causing Teal'c to walk into him – almost bowled over by the weight of the enormous Jaffa ,Daniel staggered ; he was transfixed by what lay in the room in front of him , in the centre of the room sat a golden sarcophagus – unlike normal sarcophagus's however this one looked as though it had been shot several times with some kind of energy weapon. As he stared at it he remembered another time, the first time he had truly studied it *from whence do you think the children come* .He heard the seductive voice of Hathor in his mind and cringed as he always did but then unusually and most uncomfortably he found himself remembering their passionate coupling – when she had `harvested' his DNA to create larvae – to his embarrassment he found himself pleased and flushed by the memory, which was very strange as he usually tried to forget it; but now he was savouring it – playing it again and again in his mind his body reacting to the vivid images of his mind.

Teal'c studied his young friend as emotions washed across his face as he stood seemingly spellbound by Gh'ould sarcophagus, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, interest and then something that could only described as pure lust crossed his features. He shook Daniels' shoulders gently forcing the young man to snap, suddenly out of his fantasy.

"Jesus tealc! What are you doing! I was in the middle of." He trailed off and stared around the room a look of puzzlement on his face "What?" He mumbled to himself as he took in his surroundings.

Teal'c decided that there was something very wrong with Daniel Jackson and summoned the guard asking him to escort them to Colonel O'Neill, to his relief the guard complied and Teal'c ushered Daniel down the corridor, the archaeologist walking in daze.

Part 8:

*I'm going to kill Teal'c! * Jack swore to himself, rubbing his temple slightly he turned to face Frea – the host half of the Tok'ra woman who sat in front of him.

He almost groaned out loud as he recounted the last 10 minutes – almost warily he had entered the room, Frea/Anneses personal quarters, basically he bedroom, because she had sent to speak with his in private *yeah real private! * He thought sarcastically, their were no damn doors and although at first he had believed that to be a blessing in disguise (he remembered her last time he'd been locked up behind bars) now he was sure that the other Tok'ra walking along the corridor were eavesdropping *I mean, how many times does Garshaw/Yosef need to go to the bathroom for Christ's sake? * Anyway everything would have been fine had it not been for her delightful choice in topic of conversation - her advances toward him during the zatarc screening and how had she known of his and Carters `lust for each other' she wouldn't have tried anything, to which he had replied that they were just friends and anything else wouldn't be considered because of regulations ` at that point Frea dropped her bombshell, coolly informing him that upon asking Teal'c had kindly told her about their `marriage in the alternate reality .

Now what the hell was he supposed to say to that! He sighed inwardly and.

"O'Neil!" Teal'cs strident voice cut through his inner monologue and he turned to see the Jaffa dragging along the obviously unwilling Daniel.

"Hey, Teal'c" he called "Really got to have a word buddy" he seethed inwardly although glad for the interruption "Indeed, O'Neill may we step outside in private?" Teal'c asked, "It is most urgent".

"Well sure." Jack agreed taken aback at the Jaffa tone "Lets go."Frea sat up indignantly at this her eyes flashing golden as she allowed Anise to take over,"This is most rude, Colonel" she protested "and also unfair to Daniel Jackson."

Colonel O'Neill sighed and talked seriously to Anise "I'll only be gone five minutes – and hey Daniel will keep you company," *cheer you up* he added mentally Lowering his voice he took a peek at Daniel and spoke to the symbiote "Look there's obviously something really wrong or Teal'c wouldn't be so worried, five minutes that's all I promise." Anise reluctantly nodded and jack and Teal'c exited the room.

She turned to Daniel with a sigh "Would you care for a drink, Doctor Jackson" she asked as Frea pestered her within their mind wanting to know what she thought she should do about Jack, her heart skipped a beat as the young man gave her a soft smile and held out his hand to take the water, as his hand brushed hers she felt a giddy almost drunk feeling sweep over her as her and Frea's thoughts became the same – she took a step closer to stand in front of Daniel and slowly removed his glasses brushing his hair from his forehead as he stared at her in confusion.

Part 9:

As they rounded the corner of the corridor - Jack grabbed Teal'cs arm hissing at him "Don't ever, ever tell Frea about me and Major Carter!" he paused "It was too tense in there, I swear the woman's some kind of leech - no matter what answer I gave her she wasn't satisfied."

He looked Teal'c straight in the eye who seemed to be having difficulty not smiling. "What's up anyway- the way you dragged Daniel in here I thought someone was attacking us!" "Indeed" Teal'c agreed "however Daniel Jackson has proved to me that he is unwell - upon passing a sarcophagus he had an adverse reaction and began to `dream' when I shook him he seemed unaware of his surroundings; there is most likely a medical explanation for this and I believed it prudent to advise you." he stopped, then taking in Jacks thunderous expression asked "Was that not the course of action to take?"

Jack stared at him *Dammit Danny why don't you tell us when you aren't well! * Out loud he proclaimed "Right! You remain here Teal'c, I'll personally escort Doctor Jackson to the infirmary, right now!" Teal'c nodded slightly though queering "Should I not accompany him if the Tok'ra request you presence?"

"No, NO, I'll do it, Frea and I are." as Jack groped for the words he was interrupted by Daniels screaming "Jack - help, oh god HELP!!!"

Imaging the Gh'ould system lords attacking Jack ran full pelt into the room, his steps mirrored by Teal'c who was closely followed by Jacob/selmac and Garshaw /yosef; he stopped suddenly in shock at what he saw causing the other three behind him to crash into him knocking him to the floor - still he wasn't able to unglue his eyes from the sight.

Daniel lay on his back his wrists pinned in front of him by Anise who was sitting astride his hips her long skirt hiked up past her knees . Anise was attempting to capture Daniels mouth as he thrashed his head from side to side "Jack help , Sam , Teal'c , anybody - GET HER OFF ME!!" he screeched , his flak jacket lay on the floor and his t-shirt was ripped open and torn in places , Jack could see small purple/red bruises , hickeys left by Anise running down his neck and chest .He heard the two Tok'ra gasps of shock behind his and heard garshaw exclaim loudly "Anise, Freya let him go , leave him be ; this behaviour is most unsuitable" .

Anise appeared to be past thinking she pinned Daniels hand beneath him and was attempting to unbuckle his trousers with one hand whilst using the other to tightly grip his hair and kiss him passionately .

Jack heard the whine of the zat gun before it was fired and turned to Teal'c whose arm was poised to shoot "Do it" he said , "I am sorry Daniel Jackson" the Jaffa loudly apologised firing the gun .

The stream of blue energy hit the two causing them to shake and convulse in pain until collapsing ,Anise atop of Daniel, into unconsciousness .

Unknown experiment 3: Finding the Truth

See previous chapters for disclaimer

Burning pain flooded his whole body, twisting and jerking in agony, he tried to pull himself up; his arms were leaden almost cemented to the cold ground beneath him. The cold biting pressure of the shackles held his arms and legs .

Frantically he looked around trying to find his tormentors , a figure gowned in black looking like the grim reaper himself loomed over him whispering in his ear "should be asleep, should be asleep." It echoed round the room as the reaper reached into his robes and pulled out an evil looking knife, wielding it wickedly, tracing it down his naked body taunting him with deadly caresses.

Daniel screamed, his heart beating like a drum, he twisted and heaved trying to throw off the reaper who now straddled his body "should be asleep should be asleep!" the mocking chorus came again as the reaper threw back his hood and thrust the knife deep into his stomach. Daniel screamed in horror and pain as a bright white flare of agony seared through him ,clenching his teeth he whimpered "please!"

The reaper laughed, his hands gently stroking the knife which slowly turned black and thick ; when Daniel opened his eyes again the thing had the head of a cobra which lunged for his throat, at the same time the reaper threw his head back in glee rocking himself to the sound of Daniel's agony

His heart pounding like a drum Daniel yanked himself off the table and out of the cuffs which sliced into him causing blood to flow heavily , a sudden sharp pain unlike the others filled his left arm as he fell to the floor .The reaper stood over him holding the knife its robe now a pristine white colour . Daniel threw himself forward to avoid further blows, his arm raw with agony .

Falling on his stomach he felt strong hands encircle his upper arms , he threw his fists out blindly to strike back ,he wanted to punish them . He caught one in the face as he rolled upwards and a face thrust into his ; eyes wild Daniel threw himself to and fro sobbing wildly , his tormentor drew back his hand slapping Daniel hard in the face and shouting his name. "Daniel, Daniel!" the tormentor shouted shaking him "Daniel Jackson!" he yelled grabbing his face and forcing him to look into his eyes.

The tormentors face wavered as Daniel's vision cleared , Daniel wiped his eyes which were blurry with tears on his hands and stared at his tormentor who faded into Jack "Jack?" Daniel gasped, shaking like a leaf "Jack!" he cried again in relief launching himself into the mans arms, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

Jack held him close, his hand rubbing his back, soothing him like a baby ; He held Daniel up and said calmly "Daniel, you've got a fever and your in shock. Fraisers gonna give you something to help you sleep."

Daniel's whole body tensed *not sleep bad* he thought "No more nightmares, please Jack." he whispered, jack patted him gently on the back "No more nightmares Danny, the drugs will take care of them." he soothed . Daniel felt a small prick in his arm before his eyes closed and he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

*Grey its all grey* Daniel thought groggily as he came too, he felt a cool hand brush his forehead and he opened his eyes to see Sam bending over him . She smiled , seeing he was awake and gently kissed his cheek . Daniel tried to open his mouth to ask what was going on but all that came out was a meaningless mixture of sound "um nah ah um?" he croaked . Sam smiled and passed him a cup of water which he took gratefully taking small sips.

Sam walked over to the nearby wall and lifted the telephone from it cradle and spoke briefly in it her voice low *guess she thinks I'm too fragile to hear what she's saying* he thought ,half amused, as he glanced idly around the room ; moving his body slightly he felt a slight pain from his stomach , feeling it he realised with a grimace that it was slightly swollen and very sensitive.

He lifted his left arm to reach for more water and winced as pain flooded it –turning to look he saw that in the middle of the inside of his arm, a short jagged cut had been sewn together with stitches and was weeping *small neat obviously Fraisers work* Daniel thought idly.

"You ripped your IV out last night." Sam offered as she sat down "You okay Daniel?" she asked gently stoking his hand . "I'm okay." Daniel said surprised "a little sore around my belly (he didn't notice the momentary look of sorrow on her face) just wondering how I got here , the last thing I remember was …" he shuddered "Annese ! She was trying too, you know" he blushed an interesting shade of red. Sam smiled , but he couldn't help noticing as he stared into her face that the smile didn't quite reach her eyes which were shadowed with sorrow.

At the sound of a door opening he turned to see Jack , Janet Fraiser and Teal'c standing in the doorway. Teal'c sporting a lovely black and blue shaded eye *Teal'c …oh dear…I hit him…. Whoops …uh now he's gonna kill me* he thought, "Er hi guys." he said tentatively "Sorry about the eye, Teal'c . I just.."

"There is nothing to apologise for Daniel Jackson." Teal'c boomed. *well this is new* thought daniel *Tealc would kill guys for just looking at him wrong, I hurt him and …there's something wrong , their all treating me like I'm ill or something, like its serious, like oh god I couldn't be dying no way*

Taking a deep breath ,he sat up "Tell me right now what's wrong with me." he said forcefully, noticing the others startled expressions, he volunteered "I'm not stupid, Jack you've been in this room at least 2 minutes and you haven't cracked a joke, Sam you haven't spouted off about reactors at all, Teal'c hasn't pummelled me into non-existence and Janet looks like she's gonna cry!"

Jack hung his head and then lifted it to look directly into Daniel's eyes . "Okay Daniel , we'll tell you but you have to do two things," he paused to sit on the side of the bed Teal'c did the same on the other side as the women stood nervously "One you must not interrupt until we're finished and two you don't shut yourself off. We all talk about it here and now –agreed?" he asked.

Daniel stared at him *must be bad for jack to be this serious* he thought shakily, outwardly he plastered a clam expression on his face and looked up at Janet "Alright agreed ,Janet?" he asked.

Janet wrung her hands nervously *she looks like she's about to tell me I'm dying* Daniel thought in panic "You're not dying, Daniel." Jack interjected glaring at Janet "Tell him doc!" *well if I'm not dying how bad could it be?* Daniel wondered and then forced himself to listen to Janet who had started to speak.

"Daniel, bear in mind the fact that we are not sure where this happened or even how." she said glancing at jack "but we know that somehow on one of your missions you became a kind of host for a half alien creature." *host as in ghould?* Daniel's mind screamed and he opened his mouth to speak.

"Not host as in ghould or parasite." Sam interrupted quickly seeing Daniel's face. "Indeed Daniel Jackson." Teal'c offered "It is no parasitical creature,"

"Moreover its not a creature at all!" Janet said "its half human," swallowing hard she began again "After the incident with Annese and the Tokra," Daniel turned and interesting shade of pink "you collapsed, we brought you back to the SGC on the Tokra councils command ; apparently you released a kind of moderated yet more potent and specific version of Hathor's pheromones designed to attract female ghould , so as no humans or even previous hosts" she gestured to Sam "were affected we brought you back and did some tests. Upon finding an strange enzyme in your blood we did x-rays, the x-rays showed that somehow a small part of your stomach had budded, off as we call it ." she paused for breath.

Sam took over "The Tokra and Tollan had no idea what is was so they quarantined us until we were able to identify it. Janet did a Laparoscopy and found that your stomach cells had changed conformation to become more strong and elasticised, when the camera went inside, well we..we. " she stopped uncertainly .

"It was an embryo ,Daniel." jack said wearily "a half human embryo with half your DNA we're not sure what did this but I promise you we'll find out." he took daniels hand "you've been unconscious with a fever for six weeks , Daniel." he said gently . Daniel stared down in shock *pregnant impossible, there must be…but it explains so much* he thought thinking hard he recalled his nausea ,vomiting, need for certain foods ;it made perfect sense and yet it was impossible but he was pregnant.

Sam touched him lightly on the arm stopping his train of thoughts "You okay Daniel?" she said gently ."I know its hard to take in." *that's an understatement* Daniel thought numbly trying to collect himself.

"Abortions very risky Daniel," Janet said quietly "we could lose you as well as this baby."

"Oh for crying out loud!" jack yelled "You can't expect him to go through with this, Janet!"

"Think how awful it is for women who are built for this and they have it tough enough!" Sam said, "we cannot risk losing Daniel Jackson." Teal'c put in sternly "if he must he must ."

Daniel sat numbly trying to think and ignore the arguing from around him – as he did he felt a strange fluttering sensation across his abdomen, it wasn't unpleasant it was, peaceful. Taking a deep breath he opened his mouth *I know what's best, it's the only way and its the right way*

"Guys?" he said and then "Guys!" more forcefully .They stopped talking to look at him ,Janet unhappy, Teal'c, well Teal'c when worried, Sam was obviously upset as was jack. "Daniel?" Jack said worriedly .

Daniel took another deep breath and looked each of them in the eye guys "You are all my friends'. Jack you're my best friend , but whatever happens this is my decision and right or wrong, I'm going to have this baby.

A/N: There is still 2 more chapters of this story to come out , one already in the making and possibly a sequel . I'm thinking about adding some romance , good/bad idea? Any one got any coupling ideas?

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*God do I feel sick* ,Daniel Jackson thought to himself as he walked slowly down the corridor 6 1/2 months and still he was getting morning sickness *its ridiculous* he thought walking wearily toward the coffee room to get some water. At least everyone was now getting over the shock that , yes he was a guy and oh yes he was pregnant. He smiled wryly to himself the team had come to terms with it surprisingly fast as had Janet and General Hammond although he'd had to fight to get Daniel to remain at the mountain .

Various `high government official groups had expressed an interest and had it not been for general Hammonds continual phone calls to the president and the Tok'ras threat to cut off communications with earth, he would probably be looking at years of endless medical experiments.

Luckily the president had given him and the baby immunity from the various organisations.

Daniel walked into the coffee room , filling his glass with water , deep in his thoughts he didn't hear the various conversation around him dying down and the uncomfortable looks the SG members were giving each other.

His pregnancy which was how Daniel referred to it though other not-so- friendly SG members deemed it an unnatural infestation , was beginning to show, especially due to his weight loss caused by the nausea and although he could still fit into his blue SG overalls they were no longer loose fitting instead stretched tightly across the small mound on his stomach. Daniel unconsciously caressed `bump' as Jack like to call it , turning around to walk back to his room , still deep in his thoughts he walked into sergeant billings , one of sg6's members.

Snapping back to reality Daniel apologised profusely for his lack of co-ordination , blushing slightly he trailed off as he realised sergeant billings gaze was fixated on his slightly protruding stomach, a look of disgust and maybe even fear was apparent on his features . Daniel took a step back bumping into another member of SG6 , lieutenant wilder who also appeared repulsed by Daniel's physical appearance . For the first time since he'd found out he was pregnant Daniel felt a twinge of fear run through him . Swallowing hard he laughed nervously trying to break the tension , it seemed to work partially .

Sergeant billings looked up at Daniel's face , his disgust now obvious "How can you let that thing stay inside you?" he asked repulsion clear in his voice . He stepped back from Daniel "You've got some kind of monster growing inside you!"

Lieutenant wilder chipped in quietly with "You have to get rid of it. One way or another." The menace was clear in his voice . Sergeant billings nodded "Why don't you abort it?" he asked in disbelief "After all this was done to you without you wanting it,you were like raped"

Daniel placed his hands over the bump protectively "I've said this once I'll say it again , this baby is part of me ,even if you see it as unnatural , I will keep this baby." He stated firmly although a tremor of fear ran through him .

Wilders eyes narrowed and his hands clenched into fists "That thing!" he spat "Could destroy our entire world!" Daniel took a step back bumping again into Billings .

"I'll say this again," he said his voice trembling slightly "Even if I could abort this baby ,which I cant, I wouldn't do it." He glared back at Wilder "Its not a thing it's a baby , check the pictures if you don't believe me and I'm not even going to have it on Earth , the Nox agreed to let me have it there and.."

His next words were cut off but the flat of Wilders hand shoving him backwards , he teetered and due to having an unusual centre of gravity fell against Billings , who also looked sickened . To his horror Daniel saw Wilder raise his fist , he put his hands over the mound of his stomach protectively and waited for the crunch of bone on bone and the pain that followed. After a few seconds of waiting he cautiously opened one eye to see Billings holding Wilders fist back a determined look on his face "Baby or thing." he was saying firmly "Its not our choice and its not right to murder it." He pushed Wilder back who fixed him with a murderous gaze before turning and stalking out of the room .

Daniel turned to Billings his mouth agape , Billings signalled for Daniel to sit down , the young man did so although his stance and posture was of one completely confused and ill-at ease.

Billings smiled ruefully "Sorry Daniel. I might not agree with that thing growing inside you" Daniel let the `thing' comment pass and listened curiously as Billings explained "but I know you can't abort it I read the medical logs , it would kill you , and whatever it is its still a baby besides I hate to see bullies picking on people, plus you kinda reminded me of my sister ; she said exactly the same thing when she got pregnant , stood up to my whole family over it so I couldn't let him hurt you , see?" he flushed.

"There are plenty of people whose opinions are the same as Wilders or worse." he explained gently "But there are plenty who aren't too," he stood up and glanced at his watch "Better get on I'm on shift in ten , see you around Daniel ."

And that was it , or it should have been but Daniel was left with a multitude of questions plaguing his mind and the constant reminder of Wilders threat `you have to get rid of it'.

Part 12:

"You don't look fat Daniel," Sam laughed as she helped him adjust his overalls , it had only been a few days since the wilder/billings situation and yet Daniel felt as heavy as a horse "The scale said I only put on 3 pounds so why doesn't it fit?" He wined as Sam tried for the 6th time to zip up his overalls over `bump'. "You're just going to have to find another pair," Sam said reasonably "until we can get some sent in from upstate. "

Daniel pouted "But they all make me look fat and dumb!" he cried , "Watch!" he yanked over the overalls standing in front of her with just his T-shirt and boxers on . Sam rolled her eyes away , usually that kind of sight wouldn't have made her blush even though Daniel was very well toned and endowed from what she could see , but he was more like a brother to her *especially now* she told herslef still averting her eyes , he was always clamouring for his advice and help. Plus the fact that she would have felt pervy staring at him whilst he was pregnant , flushing at indecent thoughts in her mind she continued looking away .

"For Christ sakes Danny put some clothes on!" the voice drawled from behind her , Daniel pouted picking up the slightly larger overalls and Sam blushed . Standing up and walking over to Jack , he didn't seem the least bit concerned about being considered pervy , he was looking at Daniel in amusement as he struggled into the huge overalls .

"Here let me give you a hand Danny." he said gently walking over to the young man , with a quick flick of his wrist he did up the zipper which strained slightly over Daniel's bulge and then helped him roll up the legs and arms so that they fit. That done , he handed Daniel his shoes. Daniel pulled them on grudgingly annoyed to be pulled out of his bitching session with Sam .

Sam hid a smile, Daniel was acting very very pregnant . For the last few weeks he'd been talking constantly with Sam, which had eventually led to bitching about everything , Sam wasn't surprised at this after all his hormones were dancing around inside him but she was surprised by some of his comments such as the ones directed to the Tokra Anise `I mean for gods sake she moans about my clothes looking ridiculous its not as if I can help it , at least I don't look for dull and boring when I pull them on . I mean for Christ sakes we've been going there for months now and have you ever seen her in a different outfit?'

"Sam wakey wakey" Jacks sardonic grin broke her out of her reverie and she straightened up , "The general wants to see us , might need our help." He explained as he walked out Daniel trailing after him.

Part 13:

*Boring boring boring* Daniel thought sullenly as he lay back on the bed of the medical centre , when Jack had said `they were needed for a meeting' he'd assumed that meant him to but no. Jack had kindly escorted him to the medical room where Janet had proceeded to run her standard set of tests , height *why* weight *yeah I know I'm porking but so?* Waist size *I'm not planning to rent a tux* blood pressure , urine samples , blood sample , the list was endless.

After an hour of prodding and poking Daniel had had enough , he was tired , hot and definitely in need of the bathroom . The baby's (He refused to see it as any thing else) constant rolling *Probably gonna be a gymnast when its older* he thought with a grin , had been strange and breath stopping to begin with , now it was just a pain or to be precise a pain on his bladder which was definitely in need of emptying , he began to zip up his overalls.

Just then the curtain opened "You are not going anywhere yet Doctor Jackson." Janet said firmly in her best `me doctor you patient pose' even Daniel's pleading looks weren't swaying her . She pushed him gently back so that he was just slightly propped up and felt his stomach ascertaining the baby's position "Perfect" she said happily turning to pick up a white device from behind her.

Daniel looked at it bemused *looks like a big roll on deodorant* he thought *do they think I stink now?* He wondered .

"Janet I really have to go to the bathroom." he stressed , Janet nodded "I know that's good"

"Good?" Daniel echoed "Am I missing something?" Janet gave him her `mother hen smile .

"This is an ultrasound scanner Daniel." she explained , "The baby is in a perfect position for us to be able to look at it , you needing to urinate helps that, we should be able to get a good picture" She poured a jelly like substance on his belly over the small bulge .

Daniel shivered "hey that's cold!" he grumbled as she pushed the scanner into it and pulled a small TV screen over , a small black and white picture began to appear on the screen as Daniel felt a strange slap inside him . He started and looked at Janet . "What was that?" he asked confused and a little worried , Janet grinned "That doctor Jackson was the foetus kicking."

Daniel stared at his stomach in awe "Really ? do they do that a lot,how often ,all the time?" he babbled at her , "How's bump looking?" the call came from across the room as Jack strutted in , Sam and Teal'c following hesitantly behind , well Sam hesitant Teal'c , Teal'c.

"Bumps doing just fine." Janet answered as the picture finally came up on screen. Daniel stared at it his eyes riveted as the others crowded around "A perfectly healthy 28 week foetus." Janet said proudly as the picture shifted in time to the babys heartbeat "congratulations Daniel ." she said "Would you like to know about the sex?" she asked

"Huh?" Daniel didn't take his eyes from the screen *my baby mine!* he thought trying to muddle an answer to her question ,he said "I wasn't planning to do anything whilst I was having the baby , I guessed the same rules applied to me as it did to women and.." he was pulled out of his thoughts bythe sound of his team-mates laughter "what , what?" he asked frowning

"I not believe Doctor Fraiser was referring to your sexual activities but to the gender of the unborn infant." Teal'c said gravely , this just set Jack and Sam off in hysterics , Daniel blushed a deep purple colour and stared pleadingly at Janet who also was trying to suppress a grin "Okay okay enough!" she said firmly taking pity on Daniel , "Daniel would you like to know the babes sex?" four pairs of eyes swung to him as Daniel fidgeted "Well yeah." he said awkwardly .

"I bet boy!" Sam said quickly , "I agree , from a medical point of view the baby would be a boy." Janet agreed , Jack mock-glared at her .

"You better not have cheated." he said "I also believe that Daniel Jackson's unborn foetus is male" Teal'c rumbled . Jack grinned suddenly "No way bump is definitely a girl." he said firmly , they all looked at Daniel "I'm not bothered." he shrugged .

Janet swung the camera to the bottom to get a clear view .."A boy I knew it!" Sam whooped , Teal'c stared at it curiously "It does in fact appear to be a male" he agreed. Jack frowned "He's a bit big isn't he?" he said tactfully "Take after his dad does he?" he asked Daniel with a mischievous grin .

"I hope not." Janet interjected "That's the umbilical cord , it's a girl."

Unknown Experiment: Surprises

*Pink, pink, pink. Sheesh these guys don't really get out much do they?* Daniel thought disbelievingly, whilst he was touched by the many SGC members concern and baby presents, ever since the baby's sex had been confirmed everything was pink. From the pink rabbit, General Hammond had given him to the pink booties he now held.

"I thought sexism was out and girls could wear all kinds of colours? He murmured looking at Sam who unsurprisingly was grinning. She'd been doing a lot of that recently in fact they all had, even Billing's who'd once seen the baby as 'unnatural' had stopped in to drop off a pink blanky and some nappies.

Sam's grin widened "You're just gonna have to face it Daniel, male or not you are having the first baby born inside this complex, the only baby probably. And it's a girl, guys always go sappy over girls" she reminded him.

Daniel pouted "But I don't want to have to dress her continually in pink!" he whined, and tossed Sam a package a petulant look on his face "Even Mayborne sent a present the bastard!" Sam's eyebrows raised "Temper, temper" she chided though she could barely suppress laughter when she saw what it was. Only the injured and pathetic look on Daniel's face stopped her. She reached out her hand "Hey come on another two months and it will all be over" she reminded him gently. She felt bad for him, continually cooped up in the mountain, unable to go on missions instead having to just go over the findings and though apart from morning sickness he had been enjoying the pregnancy, he was now tired of it.

She could see why though. 'Bump' was now a hell of a lot bigger and since Daniel refused to wear human maternity clothes even the slacks and jumpers he was now wearing Tokra clothes. A light silver jumper stretched over his protruding abdomen, which when he slouched he often laid his books on, light silver slacks and shoes and a slightly greyer overall. All in all he look miserable. His feet hurt his back hurt and he couldn't stop needing the loo.

It had put her almost completely off having her own. She squeezed his hand "A few weeks and you'll have a bouncing baby" she assured him. Daniel looked up at her and his mouth lost the pout. He ran his hand gently over bump. "That's what I'm afraid of," he confessed. He still had run-ins with Wilder who'd taken to calling him 'Danielle' and making crude comments about his appearance and the baby's parentage 'love-bitch of the galaxy' was one of his less colourful euphemisms. Each one of the encounters had left Daniel fighting back tears and wondering how he could protect his child.

"How can I protect her any more if she isn't in me?" he asked suddenly, watching the uncertainty sweep over Sam's face. "How can she ever have a normal life? What do I tell her when she asks about mummy? How do I explain why she can't go outside? What do I even call her?" he asked unhappily.

Sam bit her lip "I don't know Daniel" she answered softly but we'll all be here for you, you know that right?" She sighed, looked down and straightened up, her face determined. "Come on, I'm taking you out for an hour." She wondered briefly if she really wanted to be chewed out by Jack *That man can be insanely protective* and glared at by Teal'c. But a quick glance at the hope on Daniel's face swayed her decision.

Daniel stood up quickly, well pulled himself up really "I can go out really?" his eyes shone, "Thanks Sam" he choked out, hugging her, easy tears springing to his eyes "Damn these hormones!" he cursed laughing slightly as she led him down the corridor.

Part 15:

"Oh Danny-boy" Jack sang out as he entered the room, the small pink and purple romper suit clutched in his hand, Teal'c right behind him. The romper suit had been his idea but Teal'c definitely approved that is he didn't make any comment, but no comment was better then a bad one right? The small suit consisted of a tiny pink T-shirt, light purple dungarees, a purple bandanna and pink booties. Jack couldn't wait to show Daniel.

He stopped suddenly puzzled as t where Daniel could have gone, Teal'c almost crashing into him. He looked around the room laying the romper in his pocket. Teal'c manoeuvred around him looking at the array of presents "Its very .pink." He stated an eyebrow raised poking through them. Jack sighed "Yup, pink for a girl" he murmured glancing through Daniel's diary which had only a few months ago been filled with serious comments now it was.his eyebrow raised "Murphy shaves his chest? Anises dress sense? My sarcasm?" his eyebrows shot up, "Teal'c I think our boy is unhappy" he stated turning back to look at the puzzled Jaffa holding up Maybornes present.

Jacks eyes widened "Oh for crying out loud." He surveyed the mother and baby matching pink dresses.

Part 16:

Daniel smiled happily feeling the first sense of freedom that he had in days and he'd only gone as far as the enclosed mountainside. Sam had refused to take him out of the complex and no amount of pouting or pleading or determined 'well I'm going anyway' had swayed her. Truth be told, he was a little wary about being out in the enclosed open, let alone going back into the city. It felt great to stretch his legs and get some sun, he had felt stifled in the SGC; but he wasn't naïve enough to believe that the presidents 'immunity' clause would stand if he left it. Some of the more fanatical groups involved with the stargate programme were already discussing ways to cut him and the baby open to see how they worked.

When some kind, compassionate individual had taped the memo to the cafeterias wall, Daniel's first reaction had been to get hysterical, his second had been to run back to his office and his third had been to burst into tears. All fingers had pointed at Wilder who had been looking rather subdued since several hours afterwards during which time Teal'c had suspiciously disappeared under the pretence of getting poptarts. Not that Daniel had seen any of them.

He took in a deep breath, shutting his eyes and listening to the calm around him, he was aware of Sams presence a few yards away but ignored it, she didn't say anything she knew he needed a few minutes to just enjoy his freedom.

In spite of all his bitching and moaning recently, which she could understand, he was pretty happy about the babys birth. Hell he was pregnant, stuck indoors and harassed or teased by members of the SGC, all in all she was amazed he hadn't gone insane. Still in a couple of months he was heading to the Nox homeworld to have the baby, and as they'd agreed he should go a few weeks before the birth, he'd get some fresh air then; it wasn't good for him or the baby to be cooped up. She sighed silently and a small smile crossed her lips, Daniels last meeting with the Tokra had been eventful to say the least.

For only being 7 months along, Daniel had an extremely large bump; maybe it was his build or the oddity of seeing a pregnant man she wasn't sure. His physique had always been slim and his body still was, his legs and arms muscled but not overly so. If you viewed him from the back as she was he didn't look chubby let alone pregnant, but when he swung around to glance at her and smile, you could see it. 'Bump' jutted out prominently, a well defined baby-bulge *there's no way he could deny he way having a baby* she thought, which was all out in front. That had been the reason she'd thought bump was a boy, mothers carried boy babies out in front, girl babies less so. Still it was only an old wives tale.

She watched him caress bump distractedly as if sharing the freedom with his unborn daughter. Seeing him smile again at her she headed up the hill and stood next to him. "Decided on any names yet?" she asked curiously, she knew Daniel had chosen several although they seemed a closely guarded secret, maybe because most of them were Egyptian or mythological names, but she was intrigued and thinking of starting up a baby name betting pool.

Daniel smiled and grunted slightly as he sat down on the dry grass, Sam followed suit. "A couple, a few really but I'm going to wait until she's born before deciding which one I like." He hesitated "I wish in a way, I knew who her mother was, what her mother was, it would be fascinating to consider names from her culture; but I would be constantly worried that she would take her away." He admitted, "I have enough trouble from certain people on this world let alone another."

Sam could sympathise, after all many of those same individuals had also been after her after she'd been host to Jolinar, the same for Teal'c and even Jack. She couldn't pinpoint a single SGC member who hadn't been chased after at some point or another. "Luckily, you've got practically all of Earth's allies on your side." She reminded him, she frowned thoughtfully "It's possible whatever impregnated you on that planet.." She paused "I mean I know about your dreams, what you have told us but its possible the people were holograms or robots. I mean nothings impossible. Anyway, its not like we can dial up to the planet anymore, so I guess the gate has gone. Your baby is the last member of that species as far as we know."

Daniel nodded, stroking bump "I know and it's, well to be honest it's a little overwhelming and frightening at times but when she kicks me and moves around it just reminds me of what she is. She's a baby, a human baby, okay half human but she's dependent on me, she's relying on me." He smiled slightly "And that's a hell of a lot more frightening then anything else I'm facing."

Sam nodded "I can understand that. Dad used to tell me, that the bravest thing people could do in this world, was live in it and have a child and teach them to live in it." She laid her hand gently on the bulge, at first they'd all been afraid to touch it although they were all dying to feel it kick, they hadn't known how Daniel would react. After a few hours of Jack- talk and General Hammonds "Just popping in for a chat" Daniel had rolled his eyes and told them to feel away. Of course that had paved the way for Jacks 101, lewd Jokes but since then, everyone had felt bump kick, and Daniel didn't seem bothered about hands on his belly.

She was still amazed by the kicks. Even knowing that pregnant women felt them all the time still didn't lessen the fascination and she'd been surprised when after a week or so of kicking, Daniel had shrugged it off saying that 'it didn't faze him any more, that he was used to it and it reassured him'. She felt the dulled kick to her hand and smiled.

Daniel raised an eyebrow "That was a headbutt, she's rolling around." He winced as a tiny foot connected just below his ribcage, almost knocking the wind out of him "That was a kick." He mused over his choice of names as they sat there, unsure which he preferred. He felt silly voicing his choices but wanted to hear Sams opinion. "I had a few names for her, I like Nefferttiti and Kori. I had a cousin called Anya, I quite like that." he hesitated "But I was thinking about Phoenix."

Sam looked thoughtful "As in the mythological firebird right? Phoenix, reborn from the ashes?" she considered it "I'd have to go with that one for now, it's more appropriate, after all the world she comes from is ashes."

"Phoenix, nice name, pretty, has a good ring to it. Danny what the hell are you doing up here?" The annoyed tone came from behind them, and both Sam and Daniel turned to see both Jack and Teal'c stood still, a few feet behind them. Both had their arms crossed and wore identical 'I'm pissed off and you're going to know it faces', Teal'c couldn't even muster his customary expressionless yet smug look.

Sam got quickly to her feet "Sorry Colonel, Daniel's just looking a little pale and ill, I thought he could use some sunshine." She helped Daniel to his feet, who plastered on his most unhappy and pathetic pout.

Teal'c merely raised an eyebrow "Daniel Jackson, your desertion from your quarters had us believing that you had been kidnapped or harmed in some way." He said sternly. Daniel practically wilted in front of him, and Sam had the good grace to look embarrassed. Jack had to marvel at the mans decorum, just one sentence and he had them both feeling and acting like school children. He could see Teal'c would become a godsend to Daniel when bump was five years old and spoiled rotten by the rest of her uncles at the SGC.

Daniel was stammering out an apology at the same time as Sam, Jack raised a hand cutting them both off. "AH! Back to the SGC, it's that time again Daniel." He warned the young man. He was proud to see Daniel repress the shudder that ran though him at the thought of Tokra visiting day.

Part 17:

Daniel was slightly relieved to see Jacob and Garshaw heading down the ramp, they were the only two Tokra who didn't make him wish for a nice pointy baseball bat. That was probably because they treated him more like a young and fragile child and less like a medical experiment gone wrong. Granted the coddling sometimes got on his nerves, but in recent weeks it had given him a warm and 'glowy' feeling, which he would never tell Jack about.

Luckily the child no longer attracted the Tokra females by use of the strange pheromone. He was slightly worried and confused to see the slightly grim and hesitant look on Garshaws face and Jacobs 'not- quite-good-enough' poker face. He put his hand on bump, tensely as the two Tokra greeted them and shepherded him quickly into the medical room.

As he lay on the medical bed he noticed uneasily, the comparing of notes between Doctor Fraiser and Garshaw, when he combined it with Jacks loud "What the hell!" which echoed up the corridor and the hush whispers of the other members of his team, he started to panic.

Eyes wide, he watched them all silently file back into the room, Jack and Sam on one side. Sam looked worried and fascinated never a good combination. Jack just looked baffled, annoyed-as-hell and ready to be aggressive; and Teal'c? Teal'c looked scarily protective. Standing ominously on Daniels other side, Daniel almost expected to hear him growl as Garshaw stepped forward, Janet frowning uneasily behind her.

Jacob opened his mouth and then cast a helpless look over to Sam, who shook her head. Daniels eyes widened as each of his teammates did the same, his eyes coming to rest uneasily on Janet. Janet cast an annoyed look at the Tokra muttering "Wimps" under her breath, something both Tokra clearly heard as their eyes flashed golden.

Daniel swallowed, they knew. This was it; they knew what the baby was; before Janet could start with a complicated speech he asked firmly "What's inside me?" Janet opened her mouth again but no words came out. Annoyed Daniel sat up, "What is my baby?" he asked more firmly then before, irritated at the lack of reply he began to repeat the question when Jacob answered. That surprised Daniel, he had expected his symbiote to answer. "Half of the baby holds your DNA Daniel but the other half.." He cast a glance at the others "We believe contains the DNA of the ex-system lord Niety. A ghould."

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