SparkyCola's Trading Card History

24/07/04 - Traded faith15 with Gordon in exchange for Genius18

24/07/04 - Traded humanity12 and Loyalty33 with Echo in exchange for Genius 16 and genius 20

24/07/04 - Searched high and low and found another hidden link: genius27, illusion5, stubborn18, fossil2 and faith11

23/07/04 - Played many games including Hidden Links, Guess the Image, Harper's Help and Guess the Quote and won: hope19, stoic6, stubborn4, enigma22, charm10, loyalty7, genius4, charm3, fate28, tinkerer18, spirited16, illusion9, humanity1, stoic12, warrior22, warrior28, loyalty22, and hope30

22/07/04 - Starter Pack! Got genius40, enigma30, faith15, humanity12, illusion13, loyalty33, spirited14, tinkerer3 and hope19

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