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Confessions - Josh finds out a secret that could destroy his life. This is the sequel to Why I Don't Believe in God. Josh/Mallory R rated.


Back Into Oblivion - What would happen if another traumatic event pushed Josh over the edge? JD, JS friendship. PG-13 rated.Spoilers: Just to be safe, letís say all the seasons, but especially ITSOTG (I & II), Noel, and Disaster Relief

Cynthia Arrow

Going into the Storm - In the aftermath of the resignation, Josh needs rescuing. (This story is not nearly as melodramatic as my description sounds.) PG-13 rated.

In Pieces - Josh talks to God about Donna...some time BEFORE the cliffhanger. PG rated.

jaxzwolf >e-mail<

Breathing - A missing scene from ITSOTG- Sam's POV, If I get enough good reviews I'll continue with other staffer's POV's. PG rated.

Lexi Lyman

Consequences of Losing a Democrat - Josh is having issues with PTSD even years after the shooting, though he doesnt know right away. Stanley returns for a while! (5th season) Chapter 8!. PG rated.


A Year Ago Today - Its been one year since Rosslyn and one year since Josh had been shot. This is not a story where he is dead but this is alternate universe. PG-13 rated.

Deception - Josh is having nightmares and he is not himself lately. Everyone is trying to help but he want let them help. This is formerly known as Hiding the Truth. PG-13 rated.

I Didn't Wonder - In Noel Josh saids that "he didn't wonder" about commiting suicide. I always wanted to know his answer. Please read and review PG-13 rated.

Why Do I Survive - Josh is eight years old and this takes place after the fire and might go into him as a adult. This is his reaction to it. He might have some signs of PTSD in it. PG-13 rated.

Polar Opposites - Why did Ainsley leave Washington D.C. This explains it but is fourteen years later. PG-13 rated.

Shadows of the Past and Present - Josh and Abbey do something that has lasting impacts for years to come. PG rated.


Meditation - Waiting... R rated.

On This Day - Leo is having some problems with his deputy - 5 parts R rated.

Chaos Theory - Summary: A late night, a brooding Toby, an examination of faults. (ten days post-Rosslyn) PG-13 rated. Spoilers: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, The Midterms

Not Forgotten - You donít have to be certain to be right, and you donít have to know someone for them to touch your life. R rated. Spoilers: Noel


Bear His Burdens - JD friendship with some UST from both sides. JoshDonna alternating POV, angst, death, and I do mean ANGST. PG-13 rated. Spoilers through ďMemorial DayĒ


Shellfish - Post ITSOTG angst G rated.

In the Light of a Family's Love - A multiple-POV of the Staff, set in the moments after the first scene of "ITSOTG." PG rated.

Samsgurl23 and MandyLouise

The Missing - West Wing/Alias crossover. Josh is missing for 2 yrs. :) PG rated.

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