The Mods

This way you can see who you want to contact for any particular fanfic area, or if you want to join our happy modding family.


Name-- Katherine
AKA- KathGuerin
MSN- I use a shared msn so make sure you ask whether it's "Katherine"
Location- US
Mods- Ephram Brown (Everwood), Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill), Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Sites- CSI: Dispatch 404, Smallville: Field of Dreams, Angelic Dreamscapes, Mutant X, Roswell Aliens' Fanfiction
-- EBAF - Ephram Brown Angst Fanfiction
-- OTHAF - One Tree Hill Angst Fanfiction
Comments- No comment. I said no comment. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT!? NO COMMENT!! Oops, sorry.


Name-- KrazyKid197
AKA- Krazy/Kraz
MSN- If you want to talk, about fanfics, the archive, or pretty much anything- on msn, though if you want to e-mail me, can you use the yahoo? It's got more space.
Location- UK
Mods- Fandoms- Daniel (SG1), Greg (CSI), (Cpt) Jack Sparrow (PotC) and John Crichton (Farscape). Though generally, I only write Greg-centric, and read Daniel + Greg- centric. But I am thinking about writing an SG1 piece.
Sites- Here (obviously).
-- GSAF- Greg Sanders Angst Fanfiction
My fanfiction
-- The Black Hawk Down transcript. --Coming Soon- Hazmat Meat- A Greg Sanders Fanfic FL. Comments- Hmm...what do people want to know about me?

Name-- SparkyCola
AKA- Sparky, Sparkz, Sparx, Sparks...
MSN- Same as above people :)
Location- UK
Mods- Fandoms- Harper (Andromeda), Jesse (Diagnosis Murder), Ryan Atwood (OC) and Seth Cohen (OC). I am quite simply the ultimately biggest Harper/GMW fan you will ever come across.
Sites- -- Ex Isle! - My favourite Site :D ...uh...i mean second favourite site...
--Coming Soon- Josh Lyman fandom!
Comments- uuhh...The divine is good, don't do flash and if you're nice to people- They probably still won't be nice back.

Name: Shea Pierce
AKA: Psyche, Psy, "Hey you!"
MSN: same as email
AIM: rawkerbabe86
YIM: PurplePixieShea
Location: Nowheresville, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mods: Beka Valentine (Andromeda)
But my fandoms are: Andromeda, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Marvel comics
Sites: Digital Graffiti
Comments: Uh, hi. Smile, it scares people. Read fic! We love you!

Also- mods who haven't quite got around to this yet include: Stars and Beka

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