Title: Taking up an offer
Author: Callie_Cat
Rating: I’m guessing PG13, but I don’t know, could be PG.
Summary: What happens when someone finally takes Harper up on his offer?
A/N: Well I don’t have a title for this story, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And here we go!

“Hey Babe” Harper greeted Trance casually as he walked into medical.
“Hi Harper. What’s up?” Trance said while cleaning up some medical supplies.
“Meh, I got a bit of a cold and before Beka finds out and freaks that I got sick again, I decided to come and get some hypo shots. That okay?” Harper replied wondering around medical.
“Sure just go lie down over there on the bed.” Trance said finishing up her cleaning.
“Only if you come with” Harper replied suggestively walking over to the bed in question.
“You better watch out, on of these days I might just take you up on that offer,” Trance said walking over to Harper.
“Only in my dreams Trance… Only in my wildest dreams,” Harper replied slowly hopping onto the bed.
“Lie down Harper” Trance said.

*********************Later that day*********************

“Why hello there my sparkly purple princess. What brings you down here? Come to get some Harper lovin’?” Harper said working on some of his pet projects in the machine shop.
“Yes” Trance replied simply.
“Ha, ha, that’s what I… What!? Whoa, hold the phone, what’d you say?” Harper exclaimed turning around to face Trance.
“I said yes…” Trance replied looking shyly at the ground while playing with her tail nervously.
“Wait, you do know what you said yes to right…?” Harper said looking at her suspiciously.
“Yes Harper I do, and the answer is still yes” Trance said looking up into Harper’s eyes.
“Oh is it now. Nice game you got me playing here. Get the Harper going then shut him down” Harper laughed nervously as he turned back around to the part he was working on when she had come in.
“No Harper, no game.” Trance said putting her hand on his shoulder and lightly turning him around to face her. “I want you.”
“Oh umm… uhhh…” Harper stumbled. “Hey, slow down there Trance” Harper said trying to push trances hands away from undoing his pants and tail away from his back. “Going a little too fast for my taste right now.”
“Why isn’t this, what you’ve always wanted?” Trance asked setting back to work trying to undo Harper’s pants.
“Yes but…” Harper took her hands away again.
“Do you not like me?” Trance asked pouting.
“No, uhh… I mean that’s not it.” Harper stumbled again.
“Yes it is. You don’t like me fine then! I don’t like you either” Trance said walking to the doors of the machine shop.
“Trance, wait!” Harper called. “Oh Trance, come back…” He ran after her then lead her back into the machine shop. “Here sit down…” Harper sat her down on a stool. “So what are ya goin’ to do?” Trance asked excitedly getting comfortable on the very uncomfortable stool.
“There’s only one rule… You make the rules” Harper replied.
“Oh, I like that rule. How about you give me a peek, just a peek that’s all I ask… of now” Trance replied giving him a devilish look.
And that’s all she got, just then the ship shook.
“All crew report to command immediately” Andromeda’s voice echoed through the ship.

*********************That night*********************

“I’m back. You miss me?” Trance said as she once again walked into the machine shop looking for Harper.
“Uh, ya I sure did” Harper said still working on that one projec. He hadn’t been able to get far… His mind kept drifting back to earlier that day with Trance.
“So where were we?” Trance asked moving in on Harper.
“Nowhere actually” Harper said turning around.
“Right then… So start stripping” Trance said grabbing harpers arm and leading him to the cot Harper had placed in there so he didn’t have to go back and forth from the shop to his quarters when he stayed up late working.
“Just wait a sec… I have to uhh, go get something” ‘Oh what am I going to do? This is so wrong’ Harper thought to him self as he walked back to the bench.
“Oh Harper” Trance called seductively
‘Awww man,’ “Coming… Look Trance, it’s late and I got… stuff to do, and a… Early shift on command tomorrow morning,” Harper said trying to get her to leave, so that he could think.
“Ahh, ahh, ahhhh. You said I get a show, and that’s what I want.”
“Trance look, there’s a difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it…” Harper said backing away from Trance.
“So you lied to me!” Trance yelled getting angry.
“No… I just… I’m just...” Harper stumbled.
“A coward!” Trance yelled finishing Harpers sentence as she thought it should be.
“No, Trance. It’s just not that easy. I just don’t think I have what you’re looking for.” Harper tried to calm the situation.
“Oh you got exactly what I’m looking for. Believe me.” Trance said looking Harper up and down. Getting back in the mood and walking towards him and starting to take off her shirt.
“NO! Trance! Stop! I think you should leave!” Harper yelled as he put trances shirt back on her (a/n: it wasn’t completely off…) He lead Trance out of machine shop and shut, locked the door.
Harper slouched against the now closed door with his knees drawn up to his chest and his head in his hands. ‘Why? Why didn’t I do what I said I would? Why did I chicken out? I guess I just like Trance so much I didn’t want to ruin what we already have together… I don’t know… I guess I am just a coward. I love Trance and now she’ll never feel the same about me, ever. Before there was a slight chance, but now that chance is gone she thinks I’m a coward… She just pretended to be interested in me so that she could have her way with me, then I’d be cast aside until she needs another fix! Well I don’t want to be her fix! She doesn’t truly like me! How could she? I’m just an obnoxious, annoying little cowardly twerp that she thinks she can take advantage of! But I won’t let her! I can’t! If I do what we had will be gone, and I don’t know if we’ll be able to get it back… It’s just so wrong; I can’t loose her, not like this.’
Harper got up and walked towards the cot and laid down playing the days events over and over again in his mind. He couldn’t get it out of his head. He just laid there until he fell into a restless sleep, hoping that everything and everyone will be back to normal in the morning.

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