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There is a new group opening for the posting of angst fanfics in any fandom. (It's another msn group) http://groups.msn.com/ColakidAngstFanfic- Come and join in. It helps keep the archive alive. Hello and Welcome to Jack Sparrow Angst Fanfiction, the home for all good Sparrow angst. I am your way-over-her-head host, who seems to be a glutton for punishment. *grins* Basically, I agreed to do this section, because being a rumrunner, I have "connections". Remind me never to do *that* again. Anyway, this is an archive for all good Jack Sparrow angst. The rules are below (linked), but apart from that, send send send, and go wild. *grins*- *uses her rum trick to produce rum for the nice visitors.*

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Lone Pirate
-Jack Sparrow is alone and contemplating suicide. Please R&R

Wrong Man- Will and Jack are captured and tortured for information that they don't have.

Insanity is an option.-Captain Jack Sparrow is once again in trouble. He has been captured and is slowly going (more) insane by the tortures. Can Will & Liz save him from his cell AND from insanity?

The Promise-Jack didn't make it in time to the cave to save Will, and the pirate refects upon a promise he made to Bootstrap.WARNING- Character Death.

Hidden Truth-How did Jack get those two bullet wounds in his chest? Angst, Violence eventually JE

Middles and Beginnings-Can past struggles influence the present? Around two decades on from the movie, Jack and AnaMaria's lives are very different from what they once were; but some things never change. Jack and Ana, facing a current struggle, are reminded of a past one.JackAna
Seashells and Bedtime Stories>-A bittersweet tale of friendship and sacrifice. When one has lost everything to save a friend, what is to become of them afterwards? Especially if they are no longer the person their friend once knew...? WARNING: Jack abuse in later chapters. JA WE
When a Sparrow Falls-Captain Jack Sparrow lies feverish in a sickroom, under the very nose of the Commodore. Will Turner is searching for Gibbs and AnaMaria; who are looking for Jack; and the villian has gone completely unpunished. JackAna WillElizabeth
Wings as Eagles- Sequel to "When a Sparrow Falls."

Perhaps chains are better than being free.

Faded Love.-My impression of Jack's origin. Read and review please! One shot...
Prayer for an Innocent Man-ONE SHOT. Jack's marooning
Tears In Heaven-Captain Jack Sparrow revisits a place that has haunted him for quite a time- a place where he leaves more than only his painful memories... Read and Review please! Oneshot!

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