Response to my challenge: Harper + Claustrophobia/ trapped.


It had taken a mere 10 seconds for Harper to realize this was next in a long string of very bad ideas; a definite candidate for the "Top Ten Stupidest Ideas of All Time by Seamus Harper". The worst part was he had done this to himself. His plan had been foolproof...right up until he had heard the water stop at which point Harper, resident super genius, royally panicked.

There was so little room he could barely inhale his next breath and he couldn't see a thing in the black. Would he suffocate in here? Was that even an actual possibility? He found himself unable to think straight.

Panic started to rise from within and he forced his body to remain absolutely still. Even the slightest noise and he would be caught and subjected to a fate so bad he was sure he would wish he had died painfully long ago. His neck was even starting to cramp from the strange angle it was forced into. The all too honest and realistic side of his brain was telling him there was no way he would hold out. But to get caught...that wasn't even an option he could consider.

He felt a bead of sweat start to trickle down the side of his face. It was so hot in here! And strawberries. Why did he smell strawberries so strongly? Harper tried desperately to regain his focus. Was it getting smaller in here? Was he actually going insane?

He heard a noise right outside and very, very close by. Every muscle in his body tensed.

It was then that Harper felt true fear; a sneeze was starting to develop. He imagined he could feel each and every dust particle entering and exiting his nose with every tiny breath he took. His pinned arms had no way to stop the sneeze and only served to reaffirm how trapped he was. But somehow, from deep within his soul, he found the strength he never knew he had and resisted the urge to sneeze.

Then, Harper felt something start crawling on his leg. He could feel himself losing it right here and now and there wasn't a thing he could do. Was it a bug? Was it all in his mind? Or was it more sweat? It felt HUGE! Did it bite? Were there more? Was it hungry? Something was definitely crawling on his leg and he couldn't move! He couldn't escape!

Harper let out a blood curdling scream.


A very shocked Trance wrapped only in a soaking wet towel watched speechlessly as a bright orange, yellow, and green blur rocketed out from underneath her bed and ran screaming through her cabin door.

by FendyAgain

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