Rommie's Voice

Response to my challenge which is: Harper + Trapped/ Claustrophobic

It was tight, too tight. Harper wiggled and squirmed but there was no budging. He shuddered as a slimy cord of some sort brushed against his leg and then proceeded to wrap itself around his foot. Damn his luck. There he was all safe and comfortable in his room when suddenly he was forced into this tight, dark space. He didn't want to go, but a strange force was driving him there, pulling him away from his place of warmth and security.
The walls were closing in, tighter and tighter. Then, light encroached into his darkness as he squinted from the unusual brightness. He tried desperately to squirm him way away from the light and back to his room, but alas, the space behind him was closing up even farther. He had to go forward, into the light.
Giving up, he let the strange force pull him forward and out into the brightness beyond. He suddenly realized to where he was being forced. He knew couldn't fight fate, but he could sure make it known that he wasn't happy about what was happening to him. Screaming his lungs out, Seamus Zelazny Harper entered the world as his mother gave one final push.

by Nureek

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