Rommie's Voice

Rommie's Voice's Second Response to my challenge: Harper + Trapped/ Claustrophobic

Trapped /u>

He tried to push himself closer to the wall of his tiny hide away, but there was no further to go; the body for his best friend still dug into him. He turned his head away, and shut his eyes, but the image was now burned into his mind there was no escaping that either. Even with his eyes shut Seamus could still see the lifeless eyes of Thomas staring straight at him, he could still see the claw marks that ravaged his body, and worst of all he could still smell the stench of death that reminded him his best friend was no more.

They had come down here to this tiny hideaway no more than a hollow tree trunk to escape the maggog raid, but Thomas had been too slow; just as they neared safety a clawed hand had reached out and stuck Thomas tearing down his side leaving large craters that quickly flowed red. Seamus forgetting his fear flung a huge rock at the creature, and grabbed for his friend, half dragging him the rest of the way.

The space was barley big enough for Seamus alone, but they both squashed in anyway. It wasnít long before Seamus realised Thomas had stopped sobbing, and found he was sitting in a river of blood, he shock his friend in a hopeless effort to wake him, but it was already to late.

Seamus himself began to sob he thought he was too old at six to cry, but the tears flowed anyway. His best friend was dead, his body now lay blocking the exit, and Seamus was scared, very scared. He could still hear the snarls of the beasts outside, and the screams of their victims he didnít even know if his parents had made it to safety, he hoped they had.

A day later he was still trapped, he risked calling for help, hell who was he kidding, it was more like screaming. He tried again to clabber over the body of his friend desperately trying to pretend it wasnít him lying there, but it was no use he was still trapped firmly wedged against the wall.

It was still another day before they found him, and pulled him free, his voice horse from screaming. Seamus never went back to that tree, once his favourite hideaway, or indeed any small space at all, for a long time all he could see when a door shut was the body of his friend covered in blood.

Eventually that imaged faded over time, and doors no longer bothered him, he even managed to crawl into small spaces when he had too, but the smell of blood, and the fear took far longer to fade. Sometimes even now, when he crawl the conduits, the smell comes back to haunt him, and try as he might it just wont go away.

by Rommieís Voice

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