Rommie's Voice

Response to my challenge: Harper + Trapped/ Claustrophobic


Rated PG-13

He awoke to find a weight pressing down on him. He didn't dare open his eyes for fear of realising the full horror of his prediciment, he couldn't rembember where he was or how he got here.

He dared a peek, but all he saw was black he began to panic. He rolled to the side in an attempt to escape the weight on him, but realised he was already against the wall, Gods, where was he? This place was so small.

The weight moved and Harper surpressed a scream. He remembered a party on a planet. God, had he wandered outside somewhere and fallen into a drunken sleep, was some wlid bear now about to eat him?

Harper felt a lips on his face, and this time could not supress the scream.

'Does my kiss disgust you so much you have to scream' said a soft voice sounding hurt, and close to tears.

Finally Harpers senses kicked in full time, he was not being eaten, that weight on him was in fact a body, a very shapely female body at that, and the reason he cound not see was besause the bed sheets of his tiny bunk were over his head blocking out all the light.

Finally the voice hit his ears, and with it memories rushed back.

'Rommie! Rommie, no it's not that, your kisses are the best thing to hapen to me in a long time.'

'Then why did you scream?' Rommie asked hurt still evident in her voice 'Do you regret last night that much? Did I do something wrong?'

'No! Rommie No! Your perfect, I don't regret last night at all, I can't believe this has finally happened. I wanted you for so long now, I cant believe your here with me now. I guess I must still be a little drunk though because I work up all disorientated. Sorry.'

'That 's all?' Rommie questioned still sounding unsure.

Harper had never head that quality in her voice before, and all ready hated that he had put it there. He kissed her sofly, hoping to remove that insurucity. She kissed him back and he kissed her more passionately.

sudenly she broke the kiss ' So you don't belevieve I'm really here do you? Let me convinse you then' she said with a grin on her face. Suddenly she begain to kiss and lick all over kis body, and the sensesations that prodced were very real to him, he moaned in delight.

Rommie just smiled at the resulting moan, and intensifed her work, she'd have him scream again, but in delight this time!

by Rommie's Voice

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