Response to my challenge: Seth + Claustrophobia/ trapped.

"Okay. Okay. Okay," Seth rambled. "....Okay," he repeated for the hundredth time. They had been taking a short cut across a building site when the ground below the had given way. They were stuck in some kind of cavern.

"Seth, would you stop? We're gonna get out of here, someone's gonna notice we're missing and come look for us.

"Yeah? And how long is that gonna take?! Did you know that the human body can only survive a week eating only maple syrup?"

Ryan could only stare at his friend and brother. "Seth. We don't have any maple syrup."

"Exactly!" Seth exclaimed. He was babbling, but it was more panicked than his usual verbal streams. Ryan put it down to stress. "I don't know what I'm worried about that for though, the deep vein thrombosis will proabably kick in before that. I can't move in here, we need to stretch."

"Don't forget about that rats. Rats can get as big as cats and when they get hungry..." Ryan teased, but Seth went pale.

"I did forget about the rats. Oh my god the rats."

"I was kidding, Seth, will you just calm down?" Ryan tried.

"No. No, I can't. This stupid place is getting smaller, and I can't...I can't even..."

Ryan was getting worried now. This really wasn't Seth being the same old Seth, this was Seth about to hyperventilate. "There are no rats," Ryan claified. "We'll be out of here in a lot less than a week, and Deep Vein Symbiosis...what is that, that airplane thing?"

"Thrombosis. When you stay still for a long time, and your veins get all....deep and...thrombosisy...you know what, I just know it's bad."

"I've never been on a plane before."


"My family weren't really the holiday type."

"Well let me tell you something - all the rumours you've heard about the food? It's all true. I saw this documentary once on this guy who got ecoli from some plane chicken, and they had to land the plane early because he block up all the toilets and - "

Ryan settled down and listened to Seth go on, now that he was off the subject of being trapped. However long it took for someone to find them, he was sure there would be no shortage of conversation.

By WiredWitch

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