What Else Could Go Wrong? By Sandersgirl

Fandom- CSI
Warnings-- Violence
Spoilers- None So Far
Category- Angst
Disclaimer- CSI and its characters belong to Anthony Zuiker and CBS Broadcasting Company. No infringement is intended. This story is written for entertainment purposes only and the author makes no profit.

Coughing, sneezing, weating and chilling, and of course no sleep. That have been Greg's night.

He was in his bed buried under all the covers he could find. He rolled over to see the alarm clock: 7 am. He growled. He had called Grissom twelve hours ago telling him that he was too sick to go to work and hoping that he could he some sleep, but he didn't.

He got up, wrap himself in a cover the best he could and walked to the kitchen. He had a headache and needed an aspirin. He found the bottle, but it was empty.

-"Oh shit!"

He got dressed. Jeans, sneakers, a sweater and a warm jacket, and he went shopping.

As soon as he got out of his apartment building he stept on something soft. He cursed under his breath when he saw the sticky brownish substance stuck on his left foot.

*What else could go wrong* , he thought.

Then, as an answer to his question, a lighting flashed across the grey sky and a thunder was heard. Then it started raining.

Greg covered himseld with his jacket and run to the 7-11, cursing all the way.

When he entered the store, soaking wet, he noticed that there were just another three people: a woman with his daughter and another man. *At least it won't take long", he thought.

The shopkeeper looked at Greg up and down.

-"Is it raining?"

*He got to be kidding me.* Greg rolled his eyes. The shopkeeper didn't seem too satisfied with the answer, but Greg ignored him. He made his way to the pharmacy shelves, and he was trynig to decide if he should ot not buy the giant bottle of aspirin when he heard the store's door opening.

He looked at the door and had to take another look because he couldn't believe what he saw. It was Sara.

*Sara? What is Sara SIdle doing here? In my neighborhood? Just a few blocks from my apartment?*

He took one of the pocket mirrors from the cosmetics shelf and checked himself. Red nose, teary eyes, and the worst thing: flat hair.


He hide the mirror behind a bottle of vitamines and looked at Sara, trying to look surprise.


-"Grissom told me that you were sick and I thought it was an excuse, but you look horrible", she said looking at him, "shouldn't you be in bed?"

-"Thanks for the compliment, but I run out of aspirins", he replied, showing her the bottle.

She nodded.

-"What about you?"

Sara was about to reply when three armed men stormed into the store.

- "Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt!”

Chapter 2

At first Greg didn’t know what was going on. Everything happened in slow motion to him. He heard voices, and shouts, somebody was crying, posibly the little girl he saw before.

Suddenly he was lying on the floor, head down, hands on his nape, as everyone else.

He lifted his head to look at Sara, who was lying next to him. If she was scared she didn’t show it at all. Greg smiled a little, that was Sara. Then he turned his attention to the three guys. He knew that it was important to remember as much details as it was possible about them.

The taller one, who was wearing a pig mask, was on the door. He was keeping an eye on the outside, cops could appear anytime. Piggy, as Greg decide calling him, was holding a shotgun and he could see another gun hide under his jacket.

The second guy, who Greg assumed was the leader, was very busy emptying the cash register. As the other one he was wearing a mask, but he was a fox. And he was well armed too.

And the third guy... a suddenly blow on his left temple interrupted him. Immediately he felt the blood rolling down his cheek and heard Sara gasping. What happened? He looked up to see the third guy aiming his gun towards him. He was wearing a gorilla mask, maybe it was king-kong.

*Okay, this is it. The end. I am supposed to see al my life passing in front of me, where is it?*

His thoughts were interrupted by Foxy, who stormed from behind the counter to see what was going on.

-“What the hell are you doing?!”, he shouted to King-Kong.

He didn’t move the gun a bit, it was still pointing at Greg.

-“He was trying to identify us, weren’t you?”, he said, kicking Greg’s side.

He moaned in pain.

-“We don’t need this. The plan was taking the money and leave, just that. It is simple, no dead people, ok?” He looked at Kong firmly. He just nodded in response and took his gun down. Yes, definitively Foxy was the leader.

He turned to Greg.

-“And you, if you appreciate your life keep your head stuck to the floor until we’re gone.”

Greg sighed as he rested his head on the floor. That one was near. He looked at Sara who was looking at him worried.

-“Are you ok?”, she mouthed.

He smiled at her in response. She didn’t look convinced. In fact he wasn’t feeling well at all. His head was aching from the blow, and that didn’t help his previous headache. He was feeling dizzy, he didn’t know if it was caused by the hit on his head or by the flu, but he hoped it was the second one. And he was sure he had fever. *Please, let this end soon.* he thought as he closed his eyes.

Then police sirens were heard, and he knew that this wasn’t near to end.


Chapter 3

In the outside police two cars were parked in front of the store, waiting for an order. A third car arrived, and Captain Brass got out of it and approached one of the young officers.

-“What have we got?”

-“A robbery turned into kidnapping.”

-“How many?”

-“Three robbers, five clients.”

-“Anyone hurt?”

-“We don’t know yet, sir.”

-“Okay, we need the 7-11 phone number, now!”


Inside the store the situation had changed.

The three robbers were very nervous. Foxy and Piggy were looking outside, King Kong was pacing from one side to the other, getting more nervous each second.

-“Can you stop?” Foxy snapped, “You are making me nervous.”

King Kong stopped and sat on the counter, gun on his lap.

Everybody was now sitting on the floor, their backs resting on the wall.The little girl, whose name was Lily, was sobbing quietly while his mom was trying to calm her. The other guy was looking around nervously. He turned to Greg, who was resting aginst the wall, eyes closed.

-“Hey!” He whispered.

Greg opened his eyes and looked at him tiredly.

-“What?” He answered in the same low tone.

-“You know, you and me, we are the only guys here. I know they are three, but maybe we can...”

Sara, that had been listening, turned to the two men furiously.

-“Are you nuts? These guys have guns!”

-“Listen miss....”

-“Shut up!” she glared at him and the man didn’t dare to say another word.

-“And you-” she continued, turning to Greg. But she stopped talking when she saw him.

He was pale and sweating, and his eyes were closed again.


She felt panic taking over her.


She pushed him gently and he opened his eyes.

-“I wasn’t sleeping”, he said quickly.

-“Greg, relax, you are not at work.”

She touched his forehead, he was burning up.

-“I’m tired.” he said resting his head on Sara’s lap and closing his eyes again.

-“No, Greg! Stay awake! You might have a concussion.”

-“But I’m so tired...” he said, closing his eyes again.

-“No, talk to me, ok?”

He nodded.

-“You know, you are beautiful Sara. Did I ever tell you that? ‘Cause you really are.”

In despite of the situation, Sara blushed and looked away, trying to hide a smile.

-“Thanks.” she said simply.

-“No, thank YOU.” he replied grinning.

-“That’s enough!” King-Kong shouted, running to the group of people. “You two.” he said to Sara and Greg, “Can’t you just shut up?!”

He now was pointing his gun towards Sara.

-“Bob! What the hell are you doing?!” Piggy said.

-“You said my name!” he said, pushing him. Piggy pushed him back. Then Foxy appeared and stopped them.

-“What are you? Children? We don’t need this!”

Then the phone rang.

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