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August 1: Control by Kyze

August 16: Closure, Dead Man Stalking and Riptide by Alyse

August 23: Distraction by Dferveiro

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Clusure - Nick, after Nigel Crane commits suicide in prison [my scenario, not the shows].
Dead Man Stalking - Nick fails and falls in his stalker's wake.
Riptide - On his darkest, most hateful days he thinks of Nick as the desert. Nothing but emptiness for miles.

Angelic Little Devil
Life In Rain - When it's cold outside, well then, so am I...When it seems like the phone has died, well then, so have I...

On His Own - Nick finally gets his own case - - without Grissom's approval. Nick soon discovers that the murderer is after their friendly lab tech, Greg.

Demon Faith
Fear of Falling - *SLASH* It's Nick's new fear (Post-ep for Stalker)
Flashes of Mortality - Can Nick live with mortality? (Post-ep for "Who Are You?")
Living Among The Breakage - *SLASH* Written for the 1000 Whispers Challenge.
Too Far - *SLASH* Greg overheard Nick talking to Catherine (Post-ep for Scuba Doobie Doo)

Distraction - What if Warrick hadn't checked on Nick after he got pushed out that window in "Stalker"? An alternate version of events, developed into a full blown story.

Epicenter - Things are shaken up quite a bit when Nick and Sara investigate a dead body underneath a house.

Control - "I don't think it was about you Nick..." That was true then, but what about now?

Angst - Nick is angry and no one knows why. What’s going on with everyone’s favorite Texas boy-scout? Only he knows for sure, and he’s not saying. A rough case only complicates matters.
Broken Boy - A case with no clues, and for once someone other than Sara gets emotionally involved

Dark Vegeance - Nick is shot during the crossfire between suspects of a murder and officers at the scene. Now the rest of the team has to find out who is responsible.

Modus Operandi
Trusting A Lie - When a murderer escapes and wants revenge on Nick what will he do how does it affect the team?

Hell And Beyond - What happened after Nigel Crane was arrested at Nick’s place?

Romanology - *SLASH; AU* In a world where the Roman empire never fell, Grissom finds a perfect slave in Nick Stokes
*WARNINGS*: NC-17; read all warnings on page

I Believe - Will a miracle be able to help Sara and Nick during a car accident or will one of them lose the other?

Circuit - In which there is a circuitous conversation, Nick receives the absolute minimum, and Grissom would rather not be grateful.
Four AM - A phone call from Nick at four in the morning forces Grissom to face something inexplicable.
The Mighty Have Fallen - Grissom handles arrangements. (Post-ep for Stalker; AU)
*WARNINGS*: Character death


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