Response to Parisindy's challenge: Harper + Suffocating/ Difficulty Breathing

Spoilers for Bunker Hill

Harper's muscles bulged with the strain.

"No, I CAN'T... I'm losing it..." He gave up, gasping for breath. "I don't understand, I'm the man, I am a freaking genius, and I can't get it right." His hands were throbbing in pain. He could see the slight mottling underneath the indentations.

Beka was looking at him, almost ready to sneer. "OK, I'll try again," Harper managed to get out.

He placed his hands carefully yet again. "What I need is just one power wrench!" Sweat broke out on his forehead as he strained yet again. What kind of a place was this? No tools available, only his own natural.... The pain set in again. His hands were on fire, and it seemed like his fingers were about to separate at the knuckle.

It still wasn't moving. It seemed like it was set in with some kind of epoxy. Even if he had a little nail polish remover, he thought, he could work his way out of the fiendish trap. Where the frell was Tyr when you needed him? Muscles just weren't Harper's forte. Finally the pain caused him to stop yet again.

"I'm... I'm sorry Beka, I just can't do it."

"Seamus Zelazny Harper, master engineer of Andromeda, just can't. Well, that's great." The shame of it hurt worse than his poor hands. As his swelling hands cooled down just a little, Rommie entered the room and went over to the table the two of them were sitting at.

"Rommie!" Harper cried out. "Give a guy who managed to build you a little help here?" Harper's voice had a little tremble, something of a little boy lost in the woods plea to it.

"Certainly, Harper." Rommie's left hand gripped the cylinder and tapped its' top on the table twice. Her right hand smoothly popped open the lid on the jar of pickles.

"THANK you, Rommie," Beka gushed.

As the three sat back down to dinner, Harper's voice could be heard fading out, "Hey, come on ladies, after I managed to soften it up for Rom-doll...."

By LaughingVulcan

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