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Welcoming all you harper fans, including Harperchondriacs, Harpies and The Harper Front naturally :) If you would like to submit a piece of work then please email colakid197@hotmail.com with your user name, and either the fanfic itself or a link to where we can find it. If i know you from fanfic.net, Ex Isle or SSUG then just say 'you have my permision'. I am part of the Andromeda online trading game- my cards can be found here! But anyways- Welcome to Harper Angst!

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30/01/05 - 'The Cold Destiny' And 'Filial Piety' by Luna Sealeaf added
29/01/05 - 'Catharsis' by ChicaFrom3 added
29/01/05 - Gotmilk added along with 'Legacy'
28/01/05 - Welly added along with 'Andromeda Ficlet'
12/12/04 - Diamond-Raven added along with 'Broken Trust', 'The Choice', 'A Cup of coffee', 'The Diaries', 'Eternal Hope', 'Forgiven', 'A Heart's Cry', 'A Promise Kept, a promise broken' and 'Written in the Stars'
22/11/04 - Rommie's Voice added along with 'Places I'd Rather Forget', 'Goodbye dear friend' and 'A Present For Beka'


So Hurt Me - Beka is rescued from a race of people famous for their torture devices, only problem is, there’s one device still attached to Beka when they bring her home which leads to Harper becoming a target. Brilliance. R rated.

No Way Back - Harper has discovered information that sends him back to Earth in the hope that his cousin is still alive, trouble however is waiting for him when he gets there in more ways than one. R rated

Same Mistake Twice - Sequel to 'No Way Back'. PG-13 rated.

Past Future - Harper gets himself arrested and in doing so exposes the Andromeda Crew to a new threat from a single planets new ideas. G rated

Anna McLain

AVATAR - Loneliness drives Harper to endanger the crew and the Andromeda. COMPLETE! PG-13 rated. spoilers for: Season One, between Harper 2.0 and Star Crossed.

By Any Other Name - Harper crash-lands on a planet & has four hours to live-- with a twist. Complete. PG rated


Mind's Eye - After a routine supply run, Harper inadvertantly brings back an entity that could destroy the ship, and his relationship with the crew. PG rated.

Callie Cat

Goodbye - A member of the crew is left alone. PG-13 rated.

Taking Up An Offer - What happens when somebody finally takes harper up on his offer? PG/PG-13 rated.

Taking Up An Offer - Harper is disillusioned PG rated.


Hidden - Harper clears some things up -- about himself and about the crew. PART TWO now up PG rated.Some S4 spoilers.

Not Her - Doyle angst but has definitive Harper angst too. 'I’m not her. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.' PG rated.Some S4 spoilers.

Catharsis - Catharsis: Any cleansing or release, as of pent-up emotions. In the aftermath of "Bunker Hill", Harper and Rommie bond. PG rated.

Dawn N

Invictus - Harper is injured on a mission with Tyr, and the Nietzschean is forced to make a decision that will change both of their lives. PG rated.

I Am My Brother's Keeper - Sequel to "Invictus." Harper's life is changed forever by the effects of the transfusion. He surprisingly finds understanding from the least likely person -- Tyr. PG-13 rated.

Anathema - Sequel to: I Am My Brother's Keeper. Harper is caught in the middle of a Commonwealth charter gone bad with a Nietzschean pride. What will happen? PG-13 rated.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies - Sequel to: Anathema. The crew visits a drift and Tyr receives an invitation to join a pride, and Harper's life is put at risk. PG-13 rated.

Blood and Water - Sequel to: In the Presence of Mine Enemies. Tyr causes a rift between Harper and himself. When tragedy strikes will it be too late for Tyr to correct his mistake? R rated.

The Anatomy of Brotherhood - Sequel to Blood and Water. Tyr isn't happy that Harper has decided to return to the Planet Goku to aid the Sun-Tzu Pride. But, what happens next Tyr couldn't have imagined in his worst nightmares. PG-13 rated.

Tourniquet - Sequel to "The Anatomy of Brotherhood." What is Harper keeping from Tyr about his time in captivity with the Genites? And, what news awaits Harper on Goku? PG-13 rated.

Rage Against the Dying of the Light - Has time finally run out for Harper? PG rated

A Journey in the Dark - Harper is blinded after he and Tyr are taken hostage on a routine mission, and the Nietzschean blames himself. PG rated

Secrets - One crew members former past catch's up to them. Will it destroy their new life on the Andromeda? Complete PG-13 rated


Broken Trust - After having a bad day, Tyr takes out his anger on Harper and the fragile trust between them is shattered. PG-13 rated

The Choice - Tarazed has decided to join the Commonwealth and have given Dylan 4000 crewmembers to fill out his crew. When both crews refuse to adjust to each other, Dylan is forced to choose one crew, and ask the other crew to leave. PG-13 rated

A Cup of Coffee - After Beka crashlands the Maru on earth, she needs to go looking for an engineer. The person she finds will change her life forever. PG-13 rated

The Diaries - When Harper visits her, the Eureka Maru opens up her database and reminisces about Harper's early years aboard her. PG-13 rated

Eternal Hope - For twenty years Seamus Harper lived on earth under the brutal oppression of Nietzscheans. After he finally flees and makes a new life for himself on the , he suddenly finds his past catching up with him, as the people and events of that past comes back to haunt him as he is forced to face his past and all the events and people in it. R rated

Forgiven - The crew receives a surprising visitor from Harper's past PG rated

A Heart's Cry - After destroying the Tesseract machine, the years and events which follow ultimately lead to the future Beka and Trance glimpsed in their future selves. *COMPLETE* R rated

A Promise Kept, A Promise Broken - After receiving some distressing news, Harper takes off with the Maru, and with alcohol. After the finds him, he is greeted by a very angry Beka who is mad enough to carry out a promise she made a long time ago. PG-13 rated

Midnight Promises - In the middle of the night, Rommie and Harper have a talk. PG rated

Written in the Stars - Harper decides to cure his infestation the only way he knows how. PG-13 rated


In Harper We Trust - "You want me to what?!" Harper? Truimvir...?!!


How can i miss you if you won't go away? - Rommie upsets Harper PG-13 rated. Spoilers: Into The Labrynth


A Special Messenger - Harper's searching for a lost loved one, Rev wants to help him find them. PG rated


Legacy - An ancient Earth philosopher once wrote: “There is no great genius without some touch of madness.” Unfortunately for Seamus Harper and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant... he was right. PG-13 rated


A Good Thing - It's a 'too short for a summary' fic, but read it! It's good solid angst. PG-13 rated

Beginings And Ends - Harper tries to deal with a problem in his own way. Complete. 15/R rated Spoilers: Up to and including Ouroborus


UpRise and Fall Down - Harper tries to deal with a problem in his own way. Complete. PG-13 rated Spoilers: Bunker Hill


Haunted Past - The past returns to haunt one of Andromeda's crewmembers. Chapter 10 NOW UP! Please Read and Review. PG rated

Guilt and Consequences - This is a sequel to Haunted Past. Beka deals with her guilt. COMPLETE! CHAPTER 9 NOW UP! PG-13 rated

Luna Sealeaf

Filial Piety - AU: An unknown figure from one of the crew’s past has come to seek a revenge… PG rated

The Cold Destiny - The chain of betrayal begins. The numbers of those who can be trusted begin to dwindle…Harper’s troubles are just beginning. PG-13 rated

Life of a Kludge Volume 1 - A look at Seamus Zelazny Harper's life--starting at the beginning. PG-13 rated

Life of a Kludge Volume 2 - Volume 2 continues the story of Seamus Zelazny Harper's life. PG-13 rated

Life of a Kludge Volume 3 - The final chapter of Seamus Zelazny Harper's biography. PG rated


Survival Instincts - Strange things happen when the crew studies an unusual nebula. Harper centric with a dren-load of angst! R rated (trust me, it gets real ugly :D) Spoilers: For safety, let's just say up to (not including) season three, ignoring The Tunnel at the End of the Light

The Unlucky Ones - Harper learns one of life's hard lessons. PG-13 rated.

Promise - Short Harper angst. Note: Do not try this at home Rated R

The Way it Was - The Maru days early on Rated PG-13


Swept Aside - Something has finally caused Harper to lose control... what caused it and can he be saved? PG rated.

Don't Say Macbeth - Beka abandons Harper on Meredrift can he survive without her? PG-13 rated.

Absent Without Leave - Takes place during the episode Harper 2.0...Harper is hurt and Beka and him Reminisce about the past. Prequel to 'The Waves Around Me Breaking.' G rated. spoilers: Harper 2.0

The waves around me breaking - Harper won't sleep, is there a reason why? G rated.

A popular Sense - Harper faces some of his biggest fears when Bobby returns (BA - Before Andromeda) PG-13 rated.

Harper's Hope - Harper's Fate depends on his own belief of a perfect future G rated.

Dinner and a show - Beka, Harper and a bar. G rated.

A Perfect Possible Future - Beka is missing and Harper and the New Trance set off to rescue her...but no rescue is without it's repercussions. G rated. spoilers may occur

How you made me feel - Harper has amnesia, what can the rest of the crew do to help him remember? PG-13 rated.

There had been snow - Harper remembers a christmas past G rated.

Pipedreams - Harper has a bag full of money that's somehow connected to his past G rated.

Seeking Solace - Something horrible has happened...again, again, again... R rated. With help from Harper Lover

The Conduit - Harper thought he had put his nightmares behind him, now there are new ones G rated.

Me myself and no one - A shortish harper fic G rated.

Trouble followed me home - Harper gets into trouble...again PG-13 rated. There are some spoilers as of probably episode 3 of season 2

The kindness of strangers - Beka and Harper are being chased by thugs who are looking for revenge. R rated.

These four walls - Harper's past causes problems for him in the present G rated.

Three Parts Dead - AU a much younger Harper joins the Andromeda in a different way and as a result everything changes. PG-13 rated.

Parisindy and Natasha Bennett

The hollow men - About Beka and Harper G rated.

If yea break faith - Harper and Tyr...road trip...general mayhem G rated.


Breaking Point - Everyone has a breaking point. Once you've gone there, can you ever come back? PG-13 rated.

Rommie's Voice

Places I'd Rather Forget - Formerly 'Curling up inside my private tortures'. An illness causes Harper to flash back to his past. Rated R for dark content of flash backs. R rated.

Goodbye dear friend - A final goodbye is said to a dear friend. G rated.

A Present For Beka - It Beka's birthday and while chosing the prerfect present; Harper reflects on his friendship with Beka G rated.


Frozen Nightmares - Andromeda takes a vacation on an ice planet and Harper is forcably reminded of horrible memories from his past and is also forced to confront what he truly is. PG-13 rated.

Barely Alive - Harper is kidnapped by aliens who claim they worked with the Dragons on the Ice Kludge project and they force him to do things he will never forgive himself for. -Sequel to Frozen Nightmares G rated.

Core of all Lies - Trish, a captain of a small ship named Ceteri, saves Harper from slave traders who tell him they have proof the Andromeda crew sold him to them. Harper convinces Trish to help him find Andromeda. After 4 long years of searching they finally find her.. G rated.

Broken - Harper thinks deeply about everything after they all ended up on Seefra -right after While the Time G rated.

Lost - Immediately after Phear Phactor Phenom. Harper is thinking over the past three years and what he's been through in them. G rated.


Change (drabble) - Why bad things happen to good people PG rated.

Escape Pod - Response to Harper + Trapped challenge which is long enough to be a fic all it's own. PG-13 rated. Spoilers for Bunker Hill

Lose the earring, kid. - Set on the Eureka Maru, Harper Angst and Harper/Beka friendship. Explains the earring from Be All My Sins Remembered PG-13 rated. spoilers for Bunker Hill and Be All My Sins Remembered.

Shattered Truth - Harper goes AWOL. AGAIN. Dylan is NOT happy, but maybe there's something he doesn't know... PG-13 rated.

Who You Count On - Andromeda gets a new crewman who turns out to be more than he seems. Complete. PG-13 rated

Tests - The Drago Kazov take the Andromeda while everyone is away, everyone, but Harper. Complete PG-13/R rated. spoilers for: 'Ouroboros', 'It's hour come round at last', and 'The Widening Gyre'

Wanted - A part of Harper's past catches up with him, and secrets are broken. PG-13 rated.

Wide Open Sky - Songfic with 'Wide Open Sky' by Goldrush- set at Maru period. G rated

Only Human - harper angst + Harper/beka friendship. The two are painfully reminded why their friendship is so important. PG-13 rated


Trust Me - Dylan and Harper are on the Maru. They crash land on a strange planet with mysterious people.

Just Another Memory - Character death PG-13 rating

Promises - Alternative (and much better) ending to Bunker Hill. PG-PG13 rated. spoilers bunker hill

Respect - Harper and Beka have a talk about respect. G rated. spoilers harper/delete.

Fear:The Last Resort - A certain drift and a few incidents make the crew of the Andromeda race against time to find Dylan and Harper. Rating: PG to PG-13 Spoilers: Bunker Hill, To Loose the Fateful Lightning, It's Hour Come Round at Last/The Widening Gyre.

Life is an eternal chase - Sequel to Fear: The last resort. PG-PG13 rated. Slight spoilers for 'The Leper's Kiss', 'Slipfighter the Dogs of War' and 'The Shards of Rimni'


I Know You - AU - Harper grows up with Beka on the Maru. NOTICE: looking for a ghostwriter to continue the story in collaboration with the original ideas, email Trivial_Sublime for details. PG rated.


Andromeda Ficlet - Harper angst, intruders force their way aboard Andromeda...408 words :) PG rated.

Challenge Responses

Short responses to the ten minute challenge by myself (SparkyCola) which is: Harper + Trapped/Claustrophobic. Contact me to submit any entries. Some don't have titles so they are in Author order.

Rommie's Voice
Rommie's Voice - Second Response

Responses to the ten minute challenge by Parisindy which is: Harper + Suffocating/ Difficulty breathing. Contact me to submit any entries.

Rommie's Voice

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