Response to Parisindy's challenge: Harper + Suffocating/ Difficulty Breathing

He pressed himself against the wall, sinking deep within the shadow's depths. His heart beat rang through his head and his lungs cried desperatly for air, but the strong fear that clutched him wouldn't allow it. The uber looked around the alley way, his keen eyes scanning over them as he tried to pinpoint his prey.

'Please, just leave.' He begged silently, his chest begining to grow tighter and tighter and his head feeling ready to explode. The Neitchian didn't leave though, he stood there, his gun ready and his eyes contuiously scanning over the shadows. The ringing in his head was so loud now, he was wondering why the Neit hadn't heard it.

The uber's eyes momentarily lingered on him and tensed, the fear within him growing even stronger. His lungs continued to cry desperatley for air, though he brought them no relief. 'Please just go.' He pleaded once more, deparate to get air into his lungs. The need for it was almost overpowering his fear, but yet not quite.

Finally, finally the Neit started onward, slowly, but still away from him. Only when the sounds of the uber's clattered footsteps faded into the night did he double over, gulping down the sweet air. He let it fill his lungs, finally bringing them the relief they so desperatley wanted. Still gasping for air he lent heaily against the wall, a small smirk playing on his lips. He held the machine part before him proudly. Wait till Brandon heard how he had gotten away with getting this one.

By Shakia

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