Title: Good Bye
Rating: Pg-13
Author: Callie_Cat
Disclaimer: I donít own any of the characters in this story; I am only taking bits of our world and throwing them into theirs to see how they would react.
Summary: A member of the crew is left alone.

Why am I always the one saying good bye? Iíve had to say good bye to so many of my loved ones. Family and friends on earth, I had to say good bye to every single last one of them; either because they died, which most of them have, or because I was selfish and left them all there to die, to pursue a Ďbetter lifeí up here in spaceÖ A better life, ha, thatís a joke. Nothing good has come from me being up here, everything good I had is now gone. Rommie, Beka, Trance, Dylan, theyíre gone, all gone. There was nothing I could do. I feel so alone right now. Why? Why did they all have to leave me? I donít want to be here all by myself, all alone, the only one left. So much has gone wrong in this world. There is so much hate, and anger here. Is there no more good left in this world? Is there no hope? No love? Iím always saying good bye to everyone around me and it breaks my heart more and more each time, but what hurts the most is when I donít even get a chance to say good bye, when I donít get a chance to tell them how much I looked up to them, cared for them, even loved them. I loved Rommie. I created her, of course I loved her! She was the best thing I have ever done with my skills. I loved Beka. She was like a big sister to me, of course I loved her! She was the only one who believed in me, cared for me. I loved Trance. She was my best friend, of course I loved her! She was my one and only true love. I never thought Iíd have to say good bye to her. Of all the people Iíve ever known I thought sheíd be the one Iíd never have to say good bye to. I loved Dylan. He was like a father to me, so brave, so fearless, everyone loved him, and of course I did as well. I looked up to him for guidance, for strength I strived to be like him in every way. I strived to not let my emotions get in the way of what I had to do, like he had done so many times, but I failed and lost everyone, and everything I ever cared about in the process. Iíve got nothing left to live for, nothing to gain in this life. There is nothing left for me here, nothing left in the world of the living, perhaps they are all waiting for me in the world of the deadÖ If that even exists and if not, then I do not regret my decision here, I believe it is for the best. I must say one more good bye, but not to a loved one, but to this world. This world that has created so much pain and hate, I must say good bye, good bye. Good byeÖ

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