Confessions in a Bedroom by SidheWolf_

Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Rating: NC17
Status: Complete
Archive: Yes, just let me know where
Series/Sequel: Sequel to "Confessions in a Bar"; The Confessions Series #3
Disclaimers: Greg, Nick and Nick's bedroom are not mine. I'm making no money on any of this.
Authors Notes: Okay, we finally got to the sex. This story takes place sometime before "Play With Fire".
Summary: Nick finally confesses something, and it's not a good thing.
Warnings: Contains m/m sex scenes and very strong language. Be warned.

Greg looked around Nick's bedroom quietly. The walls were a dark shade of ocean blue. There was a dresser on one side of the room and a matching night stand sitting beside the huge four-poster bed on the other wall. The bed had to be king size and it looked soft enough to sink into comfortably and yet still support someone's body.

When they had arrived at Nick's apartment, Greg had complimented him on how nice it looked, and Nick had said that he was still getting used to it.

"I just couldn't stay in that house after the stalker thing," Nick had admitted to Greg. "So I decided this would be comfortable and close enough to work for me to get there quickly if I get called back after my regular shift is over."

Left alone for a moment, Greg took his time to explore the room where Nick had brought him. He walked slowly around the area, glancing at pictures and inspecting books which lay across the night stand and along the book shelf. As he looked through the books on the shelf, his attention was drawn to a trophy, proudly displayed on one of the shelves.

Old memories crept into Greg's mind.. Memories of burly football players, worthy of such trophies, surrounding him, menacing him with threats and fists and leather belts which had stung when they hit. His body suddenly felt chilled and the lightweight Hawaiian shirt he was wearing did nothing to stop the icy feeling.

"Greg? Are you alright?"

Nick's soft voice made him jump and catch his breath. He turned quickly to find Nick watching him from across the room, eyes filled with concern.

"Sure," he said. Then he pointed to the trophy. "Football, right?"

Nick crossed the room and took the bronze cup from the shelf where it was displayed, a proud expression crossing his face.

"Yeah. The team won the championship our senior year. We worked our butts off all year to win that thing, and when we finally got it, we couldn't have been happier." Nick chuckled. "I'm proud of my trophies. I feel like I had to work hard to earn every one of them."

He handed the trophy to Greg, letting their hand linger a moment as they touched.

Greg stared at the trophy for a moment. Then he raised his eyes to Nick's face.

"Why are you doing this, Nick? I mean...we're friends, but...this is something that neither of us ever expected. Why bother?"

Nick lowered his gaze, then reached for the trophy and placed it back on the bookshelf. Instead of answering, he reached out and ran his hand softly from Greg's shoulder down to his wrist.

"You're a good looking guy, Greg. You have to know that. And you're smart, too. Those are two pretty important qualities in a person - looks and brains. Hey, Greggo, as far as I can see, you've pretty much got it all. And maybe I just finally realized that I want some of it for myself."

Nick took a step closer and this time used both hands to trace a line down both of Greg's shoulders. Then he brought them back up to Greg's face and cupped his chin between his hands. He held Greg's face still and stared for a moment into his eyes. Then slowly, oh so slowly, Nick leaned in close enough to brush his lips over Greg's, barely touching them. Soft breath swirled over his lips and Greg automatically parted them at the warm sensation. The hands holding his chin slid to the back of his neck and he felt Nick's lips meet his own more firmly.

A probing tongue gently pushed between his parted lips and entered his mouth. It explored it's way across the roof of his mouth and around the inside of his cheeks. Saliva flooded Greg's mouth in his hunger for more of that sweet taste and the eager tongue started to suck it away. Suddenly, his own tongue was being sucked back into Nick's mouth.

Nick caressed Greg's tongue with his own and then sucked it mercilessly. Greg realized he was dizzy from lack of oxygen. When had he forgotten to breathe? Nick released his mouth only to connect with his throat, right over the pulsing vein that stood out on his neck. Greg gasped for breath and then lost it again as a moan escaped from deep in his chest. He could feel a growing tightness at his crotch as he started to get hard.

"Aww, God, Nick," he moaned.

But Nick's hands were busy again. He released Greg's head and let his hands slip down Greg's throat, to meet in front where the first button on his shirt was. Slowly, he parted the button from it's buttonhole, then let his mouth dive in to taste the drops of salty moisture which had begun to pool in the hollow at the base of Greg's throat.

"God, Greg, you taste good," he mumbled.

Another button and then another. Soon Greg's shirt hung opened and Nick's hands began to soothe and fondle his chest through the tee shirt which he was wearing under the wild Hawaiian shirt.

Greg stood still, eyes closed, his lungs gasping for air, as Nick pinched first one nipple and then the other. He couldn't stop the nearly continuous moan that rasped from his throat as Nick leaned down to first suck, and then nip sharply through the fabric of his tee shirt.

Very slowly, Nick lowered his hands to catch the hem of the tee shirt and pull it, along with the Hawaiian monstrosity, over Greg's head. He tossed both pieces of clothing, uncaring, onto the floor and returned to Greg's left nipple, now naked to his touch.

First Nick let his fingers tease the little nub until it was standing rigidly. Then he replaced his fingers with soft lips. Surrounding the nipple with his lips, he first sucked very lightly, then, unexpectedly, took the rigid peak between his teeth and bit down hard.

Greg felt his cock jump to attention and he squirmed frantically to try and ease the pressure as it remained trapped inside his tight jeans. He felt his knees begin to weaken as Nick teased him, first gentle with lips and tongue, then rough with teeth. Nick's tongue played across the peaked point, quickly slipping back and forth, wetting and exciting until Greg thought he might come just from the oral stimulation. Then, Nick would again bite down and Greg would groan with the exquisite pain of it all.

But Nick seemed to sense that Greg was getting close. He left the nipple which had been the center of his attention until now and, lapping with his tongue as he went, moved across to visit the other. And then the erotic torture began all over with this new prize.

Greg's knees finally buckled. But Nick had backed them close to the huge bed and, as Greg fell back, his descent was stopped by the softness of the mattress. He moaned again and Nick eased the pressure on the abused tit. Like a big cat, Nick lapped the soreness several times as Greg fought to control his aching erection, which was still trapped in his jeans. He writhed to try and ease the growing pressure, and Nick regarded him with a debauched grin.

"Just a little tight, eh?" he asked.

Without waiting for a reply, Nick let his fingers find the zipper of the offending jeans. Slowly he popped the button and lowered the zipper until it was fully down. Then he left Greg's body long enough to slide tennis shoes and socks off his feet. Finally he hooked his fingers into the waistband of the jeans and pulled.

Greg lifted his hips as Nick continued to strip him of both his jeans and his boxers in one long, smooth slide. The clothes joined his shirt and tee somewhere on the floor. Greg lay naked on Nick's soft, blue bed. His cock stood full and red. Nick smiled after dropping the clothes.

Looking at Greg's tense, eager body, he moaned in anticipation. It was like a feast laid out, just waiting for him to indulge himself. His very own prize. But before he could begin the banquet, a bright sparkle from around Greg's neck caught his attention. Leaning forward over Greg's outstretched body, Nick picked up a small silver charm which hung from a chain around Greg's neck.

"This is beautiful, Greg. What is it?"

Greg was silent for a moment before answering. But after he had himself under control enough for words, he opened his eyes and realized Nick was fingering his necklace. After a few more breaths, he managed to answer Nick's question, even though his voice cracked with suppressed need.

"It's a Viking rune. My grandfather, from the old country, gave it to me."

"Runes are supposed to have a meaning, aren't they? What does this one mean?"

"It's called ‘Eiwaz', the rune of defense. After...well after what happened at school, Papa Olaf gave it to me and wanted me to wear it as a protective amulet. He said it would keep me safe from anything like that happening again."

"It's beautiful," Nick replied. "I'll have to learn more about runes."

"You're still dressed," Greg said, changing the subject. "You're making me feel embarrassed, being the only one lying around naked."

Nick smiled. "That can be taken care of very easily."

As if he were suddenly a dancer from one of Catherine's former shows, Nick shed one piece after another of his own clothing. When he stood, naked and proud in front of Greg, he reached down to cup his own balls and cock, slowly stroking until he was fully erect.

"This is gonna be so good, Greggo," he mumbled, eyes closed, intent on his work. "It's gonna feel so good."

Greg frowned at the hint of a change in the voice, but when Nick opened his eyes, he smiled and reached his arms down to enclose Greg in a gentle embrace. He slid over Greg's bare body, letting their skin touch everywhere.

"Have you ever had a man inside you, Greg? It's a beautiful thing, it really is. Let me show you, Greg. Let me show you how good it can feel to have me so far inside you that it feels like I'll never come out again."

As Nick spoke, he lightly touched Greg's throbbing penis. Beginning low, where the pubic hairs scratched his hand, Nick slowly worked his way to the head, and then bent to let his mouth taste the drop of precome that oozed from the slit. Greg cried out when Nick's tongue swiped the drop away and then probed the slit for more.

"Oh, God, yes Nick. Do it. Please, do it," he could only beg.

Nick smiled down at Greg and then reached for a condom in the night stand drawer.

"You want me to fuck you Greg? You've gotta say it, you know. I won't go any further until you tell me. Say it, Greg. Say you want it, and I'll fuck you better than you've every been fucked before in your life."

By now, Greg was oblivious to anything except the aching need in his groin. "Please, Nick, yes. Do it. Fuck me, Nick. Please. I want it. Fuck me."

Nick's face broke into a triumphant grin. "Your wish is my command," he said.

Pulling lube from the night stand, he turned Greg onto his stomach. Roughly, he pulled his hips up and grabbed a few of the pillows which were on the bed to keep him in position.

"Oh, Greggo. This is gonna be so fine."

He pushed Greg's legs as far apart as he could, then coated his index finger with the lube.

Starting on Greg's back, he ran the finger down and along the crease between his stretched cheeks, and around the little opening which now spasmed at his touch. Fingers traced around the delicate hole several times and then he gently eased one finger in, sinking up to the knuckle.

Greg moaned at the fullness but did not pull away.

Slowly, Nick began moving the finger, pushing against the tight membrane and urging Greg to accept more. He reached down to fondle dangling balls and a growing cock. Greg moaned again. Nick stilled and leaned forward, finger still moving in and out. "Are you ready for two?" he whispered.

"Yes," was the grunting reply.

Nick added more lube and inserted another finger, but this time, he pushed both in fully and began to scissor them apart, stretching the passage even more.

Greg gasp. There was pain but when Nick again began to fondle his cock and balls, Greg's gasp of pain turned to a moan of pleasure.

"Now you, Nick," he managed to pant. "I want you inside me."

Nick withdrew his fingers and, this time, after putting on the condom, lubed his cock and placed it at the pulsing entrance to Greg's body.

"You want this?"


And Nick pushed in hard. Greg's cry of pain echoed in the silent room, and Nick stilled his movement. Greg gasp for breath but then, clutching folds of the bedspread in his hands, he pushed back against Nick, signaling his willingness to continue.

"Go ahead," he whispered. "All the way."

Nick pushed into him powerfully, digging his fingers into the skin on Greg's hips to hold him still. He didn't stop until he felt Greg's cheeks against his groin. Greg cried out at the sudden, forceful penetration and Nick remained still until his breath began to steady.

Then he leaned forward to whisper in Greg's ear, "Now Greggo, I want you to come for me. I want to feel you stroke me from the inside. Come, Greg..."

And he reached between Greg's trembling legs to begin a fast stroking of his cock. Greg screamed and came. His inner muscles rippled along the cock inside him. Words begin to spill from Nick, as he quickened his thrusts.

"Time for my confession now, Greggo." His hips jerked in uncontrollable spasms, but he continued to heave out the words. "Ohh, so good...God, it's so good. I'm gonna come..I'm gonna...gonna...aaaww - sweet Jesus. Yes!" and he stilled to push as deep inside as he could get.. Then he slumped over Greg's back, and smiled through the aftershocks of his coming, still buried deep inside Greg's body.

"I really love to collect trophies," he sighed. "My trophy," and he pulled the Viking rune from around Greg's sweaty neck. Then he pulled out of Greg's still body and fell sideways onto the rumpled bed.

Later, when Greg was sure Nick was asleep, he rose from the bed, pushing himself up on quivering arms. His body ached all over as he made himself look down at Nick's sated body.

In Nick's hand, he saw a faint gleam - Eiwaz, his only defense, and now, Nick's trophy. Carefully, Greg parted Nick's lax fingers and retrieved the rune. Then he silently slid off the bed and dressed as quietly as possible.

After using the phone in Nick's kitchen to call a cab, he left the apartment as quickly as he could, not looking back once.

*Trophy* The word echoed over and over in his mind.

As the cab left him in front of his own house, Greg clenched the rune tightly in his fist and then drew his arm back and threw it as far away from him as he could.

"It didn't work, Papa Olaf," he whispered, heartbroken and near tears. "It didn't work." Then he turned and entered his home.

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