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14/08/04-- April May's "Labyrinth"
11/08/04-- SidheWolf's "To Feel Alive Again" and "If I should die"
30/07/04-- SidheWolf's Worth series. Krazy's LabRat update.

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Don't Be A Bad Boy-Three people have died in as many weeks, there is no evidence pointing to anyone.

The Difference between Beethoven and Bach- Greg/Grissom friendship/angst piece. Post Inside The Box.

April May
Probabilities- Greg gives some interesting test results to Grissom.
Decisions- After Greg is injured, his Mother comes to Vegas, causing old wounds to open.
Labyrinth- What's eating at Greg? Part of the Probability series.

Braidless Baka
Implied Connections- It all starts with evidence tying Sara with a homicide turns up at a crime scene, planted, but there none-the-less. (We'll be seeing lotsa Greg after the first few chapters!)

One Of Us- The unluckiest man in Vegas can't seem to catch a break, will this time he end up broken for good?

Apathy- Greg's thoughts.
Family.- Casefile and Greg Angst.
Second Chances- Supernatural and Greg angst. *grins*

Different Tactics- When Nigel Crane returns, to get to Nick, he goes after one of his friends.
It's all in the Past- Told from all the CSIs POV (+Greg of course) What happened in their pasts?

Damion Starr
Deja Vu-- *SLASH*N/G- When Greg goes out into the field, will he meet the same fate as Holly Gribbs?
Journey or Destination?-*SLASH*When someone angry from Greg's past returns, what will happen to Greg and Nick?

Death Consume Me- Greg is being attacked and used, will the rest of the team notice?

Demon Faith
Lab Rat, Field Mouse. *SLASH*- The consequences of Greg's field trip (Post-ep for Chasing the bus.)
Scaffold-*SLASH* Where did that leave him? A lab tech who was afraid of the lab? (Post Inside the Box)
They're Coming- Greg just needs faith

Healing--*SLASH* and Rape. A new case is linked to something in Greg's past. N/G- NC-17

An Accidental Odyssey-Can a single mistake spark a journey of discovery for the team?
In- Sequel to "An Accidental Odyssey
Sign Language- Nick and Greg are taken hostage by bank robbers.

Greg Sanders Slash
Round Robin- The Greg Sanders Slash Group Round Robin. *SLASH*- Dead couples are turning up that look eerily like Greg and Nick, but Greg and Nick are away camping. Can the crime lab help them?

Before-A look at Greg's life before CSI.
AFTERSequel to Before.

Venom-Greg is attacked by a Mojave Green.

Optical Illusions-While Warrick and Grissom are away at a seminar and Catherine is left to handle shift, Greg goes missing. But when their quest to find Greg will teach them one thing - - nothing is as it seems. GSAF Round Robin

Aggressive- Nick, Sara, and Greg tackle a case that takes them deep into the world of aggressive inline.

Dancing All Alone- Greg doesn't want to go out alone.

Returned When an old murder turns up wanting revenge, what will happen to Grissom and Greg?

And If One Bottle, Should Accidentally Fall.- And the line went dead.
Demons of the past- *Warning*- Rape. The team find out something that Greg wanted to forget.
Old Wounds Run Deep-Another fanfic about something from Greg's past.
Revenge- Some basic beat-up Greg fic, my first ever and, IMO it sucks.
The Choices We Make-When Greg is kidnapped he has to make an agonising choice.
View Outside My Window- There's nothing I can do, but pray.
Day In The Life Of Lab Rat Series
Thoughts-Nick and Greg stalker scene, non-slash. (Spoilers Stalker)
Explosions-Post/During ep for Play With Fire- Grissom's POV
Knockbacks- Greg's PoV during Chasing the Bus.
Discoveries- Greg's PoV after Grissom discovers Greg's secret during Inside The Box
Questions- Greg takes us through what he does in Bloodlines.

Rush Hour- Things don't always go as planned, especially if you're name is Greg Sanders.
Tabula Rasa- Greg deals with his grief

Family Portrait In our family portrait, we look perfect, maybe even too perfect.

Lady Lenna
Unappreciated- Greg feels unappreciated by the CSIs, but what will happen when someone from their past returns?

Lady Macbeth
Risk*SLASH* Greg/Grissom- Greg and Grissom are trying to put Bricher away, but when he gets his hands on Greg, will the situation change?

Beyond Belief- What if Greg's hand-shaking wasn't a result of the explosion? What if it was something else?
Unknown Beginnings- Story about Greg's troubled past. Also shows how the team copes under pressure.

Heartache-When Sara is attacked, her decision not to press charges, may cost a crime lab employee their life.- Guess who *grins*

The Beast Within- AU fic, R rating. Nick is forced to make a decision that will change the course of Greg's life. (Not Slash)

I Promise- *Warning*- Slash N/G- Angsty violence.
Alone-*Slash N/G* Sequel to "I promise".
Forever- *Still Slash* Final part after "I Promise" and "Alone".

Fair GameA CSI's life is on the line when an old case of Grissom's comes back unexpectedly
Remember Your First- You always remember your first, but can you survive it?

Goodbye Is Forever-The team finds out something about Greg's past.

All in Black-The worst crime scene the CSIs have had to investigate.
The Final Move-Second in 'There Was Always Tomorrow' series; Greg's story.
The True Meaning Of Life-One of the CSIs ends up as a case for the nightshift.
Will You Wait For Me?-Nick is kidnapped while working on a case. When he is returned, his kidnapper wants revenge.

What Else Could Go Wrong?-It's not a good day for our favourite lab rat.

SandersGirl and ScifiSand
Childhood Demons- A murder-kidnapping case brings back some old memories for Greg.

Crime Lab Deaths.- When an ex-con kidnaps the team, Grissom has to choose which one to save.
Revenge Against The Witnesses- Someone from Greg's past returns, and he's not happy. Chapters 9 onwards by Krazykid197 (Krazy)
The Forgotten Truth- When Greg is injured at work, will Nick get the blame?

The Meat Grinder- Greg angst- not enough to give summary yet- read anyway.

Confessions in a Shower- *SLASH* Nick/Greg- Greg reveals something to Nick.
Confessions in a Bar-*SLASH* Second in the Confessions series. Greg makes another confession.
Confessions in a Bedroom-*SLASH* Third in the Confessions series. It's Nick's turn this time, but it's not a good confession.
Confessions in a Hospital- Last in the confessions series.
Changing Places- Greg finally gets out of the lab, but are the CSIs happy about it? And what about his replacement?
If I Should Die Before I Wake.- *SLASH*- Nick/Greg. Grge goes out with Sara on a field assignment. But, as usual, all is not well.
The Worth Of All My Life- *SLASH*- Nick/Greg. What happens to Greg when Nick leaves?
The Worth Of Another- *SLASH* Sequel to "The Worth Of All My Life". Warrick's POV. To Feel Alive Again- *SLASH* NC-17- Greg/Grissom. Greg needs to feel alive again.

Eyes I Dare Not Meet-*SLASH* What will it for Nick to talk to Greg?

Closer Apart-Greg goes through unimaginable trauma.
A light Out Of The Darkness-The CSIs don't know what's wrong with Greg. What is wrong with him?
The Importance of Family-Someone from Greg's past returns, and they're not happy.

Tabby X
I Feel That I'm Falling- A horrible incident told from everyone's PoV.
Last Voice: A Concerto-Greg, the newest CSI, gets his first homicide case and begins learning about life, love and murder.

The Art of Losing- Greg finally works up the courage to ask Sara out. (Not Romance)

He said, she said- What happens when Greg is accused of rape?
Perfect-GregSara friendship. Based on the song Perfect by Simple Plan

Catche Me If I Fall- Greg's caught by a serial killer.
Wish Cast Into The Sky-Set post Stalker, Nick discovers that Greg understands exactly what he is going through due to traumatic events in Greg's own life. WARNING: rape mentioned

Blood In The Water- After an accident leaves Greg comatose, a visit from his father only complicates matters.
Driftwood- Why are you here Greg?
Picking up the Pieces- Sequel to "Blood in the Water".
Miles to Go- Greg always keeps his promises, no matter what the cost.
Twelve Ways To Grieve-After a tragedy, Grissom's method of moving on is standing perfectly still. [Character death.]

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